Following her ‘Birthday Plantation’ tradition and ahead of EARTH DAY, Arushi Madan, the well known teen enviro-activist, planted 100 trees this week. Arushi has been planting trees on her birthday since 2012 as she believes that ‘Trees are the lifelines and lungs of Earth’ and planting trees is the most efficient way to combat climate change and help protect environment. With these 100 trees, she has planted a total of 250 trees till date through birthday plantations and plantations on various other occasions like Earth Day.

Arushi planted trees every day this week at a different place. She started with plantation with small kids at ‘Lollipop Nursery’ followed by the next plantation with another set of kids at ‘Little Angel British Nursery’, then at Sharjah Industrial area, then with labourers at Sharjah free zone and the last 10 saplings today with her community in a villa near Kuwait roundabout, Sharjah.

Arushi gave an environment awareness session to the kids in a very simple language, made them understand what Earth day means and that they should not throw litter around, should not waste food and should plant trees on their birthdays to save Mother Earth who is suffering just like when we suffer from fever, our mother gives us medicine. Further emphasising to the kids that the paper and pencils, they use, come from trees which they have planted. She took a pledge with them that they will save Earth.

Arushi is very clear in her mind that these small kids have fresh minds without any preconceived notions and they are like moulding clay means what we tell them, they pick very fast and get moulded or groomed accordingly. “These kids have experienced the plantation, done it with me, so they will never forget this in life. Students become aware that they can play a role in protecting the environment through personal involvement. This is the reason, I did with these kids to lay their green foundation”, says Arushi.

Her idea behind this activity was to generate kids’ interest in environment. She carefully selected Ghaf, Aloe Vera and Neem plants for her series of plantation this week as these plants are heat loving plants and grow best in hot climates, also, while Ghaf is UAE’s national tree, Aloe Vera is the most powerful and medicinal plant and so is neem well known for a wide array of medicinal and cosmetic applications.

Arushi’s scheme of ‘Tree Plantations’ this week were supported by Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA), Barakat Juice and Lulu Hypermarket.

Arushi, as an environmentalist, has adopted and has been supporting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)13 which encourages to take action to mitigate Climate Change. Birthday Plantations like these, candle light dinner weekly, recycling and doing environmental advocacy in social gatherings, schools, community events are her initiatives to support SDG 13 and helping to protect Earth as she is a firm believer of ‘There is only one planet, there is no Plan(Planet) B’and What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?

Arushi’s message to everyone is “Going green doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Before taking any action just ask yourself 3 questions-Is it necessary? What will be its impact on the environment? Is there an eco-friendlier alternative? Remember Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. So be wise, don’t waste water, energy and most important don’t waste food. Eat what you take and take what you eat.”

Participants in her tree plantation enjoyed and feel positive about it.

Devi Prasad (HR & Admin, PEC) said, “It’s great to see younger generation like Arushi, so passionate about Earth and caring for the environment. She visited us and we were more than happy to plant Aloe Vera and Neem trees outside our office to support her mission and contribute towards environment”.

Mrs. Yamina Saifee (Principal of Lollipop Nursery) said, “We were glad to have the young environmentalist Arushi Madan with us to give a nice environment talk to our kids followed by tree plantation. Kids were excited, inspired and enjoyed the process”.

Ms Shagufta Haji (Principal of Little Angel British Nursery) said, “We, Little Angel British Nursery, believe in holistic development of our kids. It was amazing to have Arushi in our nursery to give ‘Earth Day’ environment talk and plant saplings with our little angels. It was truly an eventful day and a meaningful ‘Earth Day’ activit”.

Ms Anjum Hasan (Teacher and Environment head at DPS-Sharjah) said, “It was great to join Arushi in tree plantation yesterday. It was so refreshing and felt so much of positivity by planting ghaf trees. Let’s all plant trees and make this world greener and healthier”.

Mr Sunilraj (Library Committee Convenor at Indian Association, Sharjah) said, “This is a good initiative by Arushi to protect our Earth. With an increasing decline in number of trees every year, such an initiative is a good step towards a greener future”.

Venkatesan Sundar, Student of DPS-Sharjah said, “I was filled with joy to be able to participate in the planting of Ghaf trees with Arushi. I encourage everyone to practice the slogan “STOP TALKING START PLANTING “-

Neola Castelino- student of Our Own English High School(Shj) said, “Beautiful initiative by Arushi, who is my role model. Planting saplings on various occasions makes us especially young children closer to the nature. This is the true way of celebrating earth day and by this way we can keep the earth greener. Staying in a deserted country and planting saplings on many events which shows that we are trying our best to make UAE greener”.

Arushi Madan is currently doing Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK.  As a part of the Electronic and Electrical engineering team, she aspires to play an important role in the future development of a sustainable CLEAN ENERGY WORLD. She has won many national and international awards like International Young Eco Hero, International Diana award, Commonwealth Young Achiever-to name a few. Arushi is unstoppable and is on a mission to promote “Birthday Plantation’ till it becomes the most trending thing for the better and greener Earth.


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