People have different ways and channels of expressing their feelings, emotions and thoughts. While some are into painting, others might prefer writing, singing or even fashion styling. These allow ideas to be communicated in a more creative, imaginative and entertaining manner.

In the case of Anna Demis, Dubai’s most fashionable and sought-after pianist, fashion and music goes hand-in-hand. Apart from her undeniable excellent taste when it comes to dressing, Anna is a professional and experienced pianist, piano composer, DJ and music producer who had the privilege of playing for multiple Royal Weddings, numerous exhibitions and several 5-star hotels and lounges in the UAE.

“Practice systematically. If you practice something for 2 hours a day, that’s about 60 hours a month. And those hours should count for something.” Anna advices.
Now, let’s get to know more about Anna Demis, the Dubai-based pianist who’s making a buzz in the world of music and fashion:

She is a multi-instrumentalist
Apart from being a professional and experienced pianist, Anna is a multi-instrumentalist playing the saxophone and drums. If that isn’t interesting enough, I don’t know what is.

She has over 300 songs in her repertoire list
From 1930’s music to Arabic music and Disney songs, Anna has over 300 songs in her versatile style repertoire list and can perform as a solo pianist or as part of a classical duo, trio or quartet. Some of her songs include Sam Smith’s Stay With Me, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and Lion’s Kings soundtrack Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

She performs around the world
Apart from Dubai, Anna also had the chance to travel and perform abroad to cities like New York, Paris, Florence, Istanbul and India.

She plays the piano before she can even walk
Coming from a musically-inclined family, Anna started practicing the piano since she was 3 years old with her mom being her first teacher. After getting her degree at Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music, she started to work in a music school as a piano teacher. Now, after moving to Dubai, her career as a solo pianist started.

She is a multitalented artist
Apart from playing the piano, Anna is also into singing, theatre acting, painting, dancing and fashion designing. “The secret is to focus on your priorities. If you have some free time, spend it on developing your skills and imagination.” Anna says.

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