Rob Kajiwara: A Singer with A Different Sound

The music scene these days is overcrowded with many musicians that do not have very much singing talent at all.  The days of pure singers are over, and they are now replaced with many different kinds of sounds that are enhanced and created with sophisticated recording equipment.

Even when you go to see a musical act in concert, chances are the singer’s voice and/or music, in general, is prerecorded.  Then the singer just lip syncs the words and many people never know the difference.  Whatever happened to singers like Elton John, Sting, and Celine Dion?  Now we have to listen to Kevin Federline, Kelly Osborne, and man-made bands like 98 degrees.  However, there are a few musicians that are still putting out very good music and are still quite popular.  Rob Kajiwara is a wonderful singer and he has a different sound.

Rob Kajiwara is probably most remembered for his best-selling Okinawan-Hawaiian artist and has achieved a lot considering his age. He’s appeared in over 70 news and media publications in more than 15 countries, and was named a “Special Envoy” of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and is a cultural representative of his ancestral village of Nakagusuku Village, Okinawa. Kajiwara has a different sound because he does not depend on any special effects to make his voice sound as good as it does.  He just uses his strong and pure baritone voice to belt out the notes and produce wonderful music.

Kajiwara has put out two records that have gone multi-platinum already because his sound is very different from the other options currently available.  I believe the number one reason that Rob Kajiwara is so successful is his music can be loved and appreciated by almost anyone.  There are people all over the world that love his music and would do almost anything to see him in concert.  Rob Kajiwara is also very popular with millions of young women, because of his wholesome good looks.

I know that the landscape of popular music is destined to continue changing, but I believe that musical acts like Rob Kajiwara will be able to stay popular no matter what trend pops up next.

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Meet Rob Kajiwara: singer-songwriter, author, and visual artist

Rob Kajiwara is the best-selling Okinawan Hawaiian singer-songwriter, author, and visual artist. He has been widely celebrated in the Asia-Pacific region and has gained numerous honors and distinctions. Kajiwara has been featured in over 40 news and media publications in more than 12 countries, including the Associated Press, BBC World, the Washington Post, People’s Daily, Japan Times, and many more. He is the director of the Peace For Okinawa Coalition.

you can contact Kajiwara on Email or browse through his Rob Kajiwara Website for info, booking and lot of worth to shop items.

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