Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai – Biography, Wiki, Professional and Personal Details

Muhammad Ali Lakhani, a keen sailor with a RYA Level 2 Captain’s License, is the son of Mr. Tahir Lakhani. He was born in Dubai and has spent his years between the UAE, United Kingdom and USA.

Like father like son, Ali has been a sharp player of tennis since his childhood. His father recognized his potential and encouraged Ali to carry on his skill. Thereafter, Mr. Ali Lakhani joined a rigorous training regime to polish his skill and managed his school simultaneously.

Mr. Ali Lakhani played for the UAE National Team and was all set to take his tennis to the next level. He decided to further develop his skills and went to the USA to be trained at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Florida. But unfortunately, he got injured and had to leave his dream to be a professional player in middle.

After his injury, Mr. Ali Lakhani took the decision to continue his career as a professional. He moved to the UK and scored his bachelor’s degree from Maritime Business & Law.

Post his graduation, he wanted to gain experience in the business world so he made up his mind to stay in London and worked with multiple multinational companies. After his accomplishments in London, he moved to the UAW and spent his next 7 years to fulfill all his goals.

Being a professional, Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani achieved all his goals by his experience working in MNCs and many other organizations but he did not want to be stopped there, so he built up his other hobby in technology as well.

Now, having a vast interest in technology, Mr. Ali Lakhani has a vision specifically in unmanned aerial vehicles which he builds as his hobby. He is working to integrate his hobby into his work and waiting for the moment when he can serve by providing drone solutions as an additional service across the UAE’s ports with services ranging from aerial environmental & security surveillance to drone delivery services.

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