You’re Beauty Countdown to Eid.

  • Skin and Hair care tips for the lead up to Eid

Eid is just round the corner, and while you look forward to the festivities, back to back shindigs and family get-togethers, make sure you get your hair and skin ready for the same. The change in dietary habits, irregular sleep patterns and high summer temperatures may have sapped the radiance off your skin and hair, but that’s nothing to worry about. By following a simple skincare and haircare routine, you can make heads turn at the special events you have been waiting for!

As the Eid invitations start rolling in, Himalaya, the natural skin care brand, gives you expert tips on the hair and skin preps you need to do, to look your festive best.

Tip # 1 Time to restart your skin Care Regimen

You may be ready with the statement make up you intend to wear on the day but this is best complimented with a well-cared for complexion. Though you may have been a little lax with your skin care regimen lately, the lead up to Eid is an ideal time to restart it – and this needn’t be arduous. Cleanse your face daily with a moisturizing wash, while doing this gently massage it for a minute or two.  Follow this up with a face cream or moisturizer that suits your skin type. Repeat this in the night. The point to remember here is that you need to be consistent. So, whether you have got home late or are just too tired, do not skip this simple routine.

Tip #2 Put on a Facial Pack

A facial pack, once a week, is a great way to deep cleanse your skin and give it the extra boost it requires ahead of the festivities. Packs made with natural ingredients are always a great option. Apply your pack on cleansed skin and wash off the mask once it has dried. Finish up the routine by putting on a moisturizer for best results.

Tip # 3 For the body

To look best in your Eid attire, all you need to do is ensure your body is soft and radiant. Just like your face, your body will also require a consistent routine. Begin by using a nourishing body wash followed by a generous application of a cream suited for your skin type. This will encourage hydration, which will give your skin a smooth and even look. Dryness prone areas such as the knees and elbows may require a little extra attention. A circular massage on these areas with the moisturizer can work wonders.

Tip # 4 Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

The festivities will sure call for a lot of curling, straightening and blow drying. This will require your hair to be as healthy as possible, in order to withstand the heat and continuous styling. Wash your hair every few days with a nourishing shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner. Make sure that you avoid heat styling during the lead up days, as much as possible.

Tip # 5 The little things

While you get your hair and skin ready for the day, make sure you don’t overlook the little things like your hands, feet and nails. To accentuate your manicure or nail art, be vigilant with regularly using a hand cream. And for your feet to look pretty in the strappy stilettoes, be sure to frequently massage your feet with a heel balm. To get the perfect look it is important to ensure that every area of your body is well looked after, as this will sure have a huge impact of the way you feel.

Having covered all areas, this beauty prep tips should leave you feeling more confident about the way you will look this Eid. So let the beauty countdown to Eid begin!

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