“Zank-U” Bayt Al Zakat for dedicating a well to the children of KidZania!

KidZania Kuwait, the exciting kids-size metropolis, expressed its sincere appreciation to Zakat House, the leading charity organization in Kuwait, for its recent initiative in constructing a well in Bangladesh and dedicating it to the children of KidZania.

This heartfelt gesture came to express appreciation for the children’s contribution and active participation in the charity activity at the Zakat House establishment in KidZania. The project was also put together to encourage more children to be charitable and to foster the virtues of selflessness, giving and sharing within them.

The first of its kind outside Kuwait, the newly built well in Bangladesh runs the depth of 90 meters underground and is equipped with three separate filters and storage, serving the domestic and daily needs of 35 different families in the village/area.

Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure and Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya Co. said: “This thoughtful gesture by Zakat House is a great example that is guaranteed to teach children how the smallest act of giving can be replicated and have a bigger impact on other people. It is because of the kid’s hard work and dedication to the charity activity in Zakat House that the organization decided to help other people who are in need around the world; an accomplishment which they should all own and take pride in.”

Head of Public Relations at Zakat House, Abdulaziz Al Batti said: “In recognition of the great engagement children have shown at the Zakat House establishment in KidZania, we have decided to construct a well in Bangladesh while dedicate it to the children of KidZania Kuwait. We have also recognized the efforts put forth by KidZania Kuwait’s management team by offering them a recognition trophy as a small token of appreciation.”

Al Batti also added: “Within the upcoming phase, Zakat House also plans on working with KidZania’s management to further develop the Zakat House establishment activity, to make it more fun and engaging and attract the interest of more children.”

KidZania is a heavy community-driven brand which carries many corporate social responsibility projects throughout the year. In addition to enhancing the quality of children’s education, it is also committed to instilling life-learnt values within them and to the betterment of the communities where it is based.