Wendy’s, everyone’s favorite burger joint is shaking things up this French Fries Day (Thursday 13thJuly) by introducing the new Shaker Fries to its menu, and in celebration of all things French Fries will be offering a free upgrade to Shaker Fries on any meal or fries purchase.

You’ve had fries but not like this. Wendy’s lover’s taste buds will be shaking in excitement with the tasty new additions to its quality menu. The new Shaker Fries come in explosive flavors such as Dynamite, Peri-Peri and Inasal (Roast Chicken) for just an extra AED 1. All of Wendy’s fries are naturally cut and served to order with hot and crispy skin for a taste as real as it gets.

Did you know that French Fries aren’t actually French, they originated from Belgium in 1680 as a substitute for fried fish, but the jury is still out as the Spanish will argue that they were the first European country to bring potatoes over and the French claim that street vendors on the Pont Neuf bridge were the first to sell them back in 1789. The United States of America’s introduction to French Fries was a truly presidential one with Thomas Jefferson requesting them being served at a White House dinner in 1802.

All meals from Wendy’s are made with quality ingredients only after you order. Wendy’s lettuce and fresh tomatoes are locally sourced and freshly prepared daily in the restaurants, and its burgers are made of 100% Halal Australian Angus beef.