Tristar steps up safety awareness for heavy vehicle drivers as temperature soars in the UAE

As the UAE temperature soars to 50 degrees, Tristar Group’s Health and Safety Department has designed a special training program for truck drivers to manage fatigue, use safer routes, avoid road rage, and take extra care when driving in the scorching heat.

The programme makes sure that workload is well distributed among the drivers in such a way that long hauls and difficult trips do not fall on the same drivers all the time. The scheduling unit of Tristar remains connected with customers and proactively plans deliveries to avoid the hours when the sun’s rays are the strongest. The journey management unit monitors the drivers’ working hours and supervisors make sure they stay hydrated always, with proper measures taken by the workshop unit to ensure that tires and air conditioning in the vehicles are in great condition.

To ensure roads are safe from Tristar road tankers and trailers during the summer months, a mandatory pre-trip safety briefing session is carried out by a supervisor with the driver before each dispatch during which the physical condition of the drivers is checked, route hazards are explained, Tristar road safety golden rules are reminded, and vehicle fitness is checked to ensure safe journey.

Tristar General Manager for HSE, Quality and Sustainability, Muhammad Akber, explains: “All our vehicles are fitted with online GPS tracking system which is monitored by dedicated team on 24×7 basis at Tristar headquarter for any speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, route deviation and unauthorized stoppage.”

He added that all Tristar drivers are given a Stop Work Card signed by the Group CEO which empowers drivers to refuse a trip if they are tired or have already completed their prescribed duty hours.

Tristar Assistant General Manager for Operations, Arundhan Alphonse, comments: “If they feel tired or are not well, they should stop at a safe location and call their supervisor and rest until they feel better. Our Journey Management team is highly vigilant to keep track of working hours and driving hours during the summer season.”