Sunset Mall’s Ramadan Charity Initiative offers 1000 meals as part of its latest ‘Do Good at Sunset’ Campaign

  • Iftar meals to be distributed across mosques in the Jumeirah neighbourhood

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Ahmed Bin Ali Al Thani, the Chairman of Dubai Investment Properties LLC, Sunset Mall in Jumeirah 3 launches its latest ‘Do Good at Sunset’ campaign in partnership with social services organisation Smartlife Foundation. In the spirit of Dubai’s ‘Year Of Giving’, Sunset Mall has organised a charity Iftar drive during the Holy month of Ramadan.

As part of its ‘Do Good at Sunset’ campaign, Sunset Mall aims to provide about 1000 Iftar meals in various mosques located in the Jumeirah neighbourhood. The initiative which is spread out over 2 weeks, aims to benefit mosque devotees at Iftar.

Mr. Melville Goveas, the mall’s Operations Marketing Manager said, “Since Sunset Mall is nestled in Jumeirah, one of the most affluent communities in Dubai, it hopes to reflect the sentiments of its residents who are committed to serve the needs of the community and help people in need. Sunset Mall relates to this value and wants to imbibe this into its personality and long-term positioning and be recognized as the mall that does good and helps others do good.”

In addition to the charity drive and in keeping with the spirit of the season, Sunset Mall has recently built a ‘Wall of Good’ in its lobby area where residents are encouraged to take a pledge to do at least one good deed in Ramadan in 3 easy steps:

  • The person can mention one good deed they would carry out during Ramadan on a sticky note leaving their name.
  • Stick the note on the ‘Wall of Good’
  • Finally, participants are asked to then take a selfie, like the Sunset Mall page and post it with #DoGoodatSunset. Each pledge will stand a chance to win prizes from the mall.

Sunset Mall management welcomes initiatives and collaboration with non-profit organisations and charities in the spirit of bringing communities closer together. As the month of Ramadan hits its final stride, the mall looks forward to welcoming visitors and encourage them to share their ideas and participate in community/family activities organised during Ramadan and also Eid.

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