• The agreement will see an ongoing collaboration, bringing the very best in art, music and fashion to the Middle East

Sole DXB has announced a long-term partnership with Cadillac. Following two consecutive years of successful collaboration, Cadillac and the Dubai annual street culture festival, Sole DXB, are excited to enter into an agreement that will see them working together well into 2019.  The partnership will focus on bringing the best of global street culture to the community in the Middle East through art, music and fashion.

Since its inception, Sole has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings to a highly trafficked and well-respected platform. Taking place at the end of every year in Dubai as a three-night, two-day festival, Sole acts as a pioneering hybrid between a music festival and a direct-to-consumer fashion trade show. Inspiring growth within the Middle East’s design and progressive fashion sector, the partnership between Sole DXB and Cadillac represents the exciting growth and vitality of the region’s alternative arts scene. This is the new frontier for culture.

On the partnership, Rajat Malhotra, Sole DXB Director said, “For the last two years, Cadillac has shown the trust and confidence of a true partner, nurturing our growth and breaking the mold of how an independent organization and a multinational company can come together to build a community.  This announcement is a major milestone for Sole, and a good indication of the potential we both see in our region.  We’ve barely begun to expose the talent this region has to offer and are so pleased that we have a partner that shares our vision. The best is yet to come!”

Nadim Ghrayeb, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Cadillac Middle East, said: “We are excited to have announced a long-term partnership with Sole DXB, whose values and vision are the same as ours. This is a fantastic platform for us to connect with our audience who share the same vision as us. These are people who are successful in their respective fields; they share a common passion and are driven in their pursuit to realize their dreams and live their aspirations.”

“As a brand, our tagline is “Dare Greatly.” This is something we live and breathe every day, as a testament to our past and our vision of the future. As a company that has always looked to push the boundaries of what is possible, we are looking to continue this thinking to achieve further success. This has also given us the push and tenacity to always look for partners who share our passion,” Nadim continued.

This year will be Cadillac’s third year of partnership with Sole DXB, with last year’s event seeing the rebirth of the iconic streetwear brand, RAP London, 20 years after it closed its doors. Cadillac has spent years supporting established and emerging designers from around the world. It started with a multi-seasonal partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in support of the first-ever New York Fashion Week: Men’s in 2015. Since then, the luxury brand has been committed to working with a number of designers, including the acclaimed fashion designer Public School, which debuted its Pre-Fall collection in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in line with the launch of the all-new Cadillac XT5 crossover vehicle.