SLC Launches ‘Huwiyyati’ Award for Painting and Photography

The award aims to celebrate the artist’s individuality in these art forms

  • Submissions will be open from 29 July
  • UAE’s female nationals and residents between 18 and 40 are eligible to apply
  • Deadline for submitting applications and artworks is 10 September

Among Sharjah Ladies Club’s (SLC’s) numerous pursuits for the cultural growth and overall development of Sharjah’s and the UAE’s women, the Noon Arts Award represents one of their finest. Titled ‘Huwiyyati’, which translates in English to ‘my identity’ this award will make a debut this year, and has been created to celebrate the raw, unencumbered individuality of an artist.

The award features two categories: painting and photography, and SLC is now accepting applications until 10 September on their website, All female nationals and residents of the UAE are eligible to compete, provided they are between the 18 to 40 years age group. Prospective applicants can learn about all the terms and conditions of participation by visiting the website.

The award is organised by the Club’s hub for education in arts, Collage Talent Center. The facility offers a variety of art classes including pottery making, , ceramic flower arrangements, all forms of drawing, in addition to ballet, piano, cooking, etiquette, and more.

“Many women often hide or even give up their artistic abilities and individuality to fit in within the social constructs that define our existence. This sometimes distorts the raw unique qualities in their personality, dissolving the very essence of what truly defines them. The Huwiyyati awards have been conceived to protect and nurture these qualities,” said the Collage Talent Center’s Manager, Shaikha Alsuwaidi.

“Through the Noon Arts Awardcompetition, our aim is to encourage female artists to explore the important questions of what does it really mean to be an individual, and how the world around them plays a role in shaping their personalities, preferences, and lives as artists,” she added.

Under both categories of painting and photography are two subcategories, namely, the AED 10,000 Noon Artist Award for more established artists in both fields. The qualifying age group for this category is 25 to 40 years. The other subcategory is called the Noon Rising Star Award for AED 5,000. This award will recognise fresh talents in painting and photography, between the 18- to 24-year age group.

Winning artworks will be displayed at SLC’s Noon Gallery from 24 to 30 October 2017.

Established in 1982, SLC is a subsidiary of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, which is chaired by Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of the Ruler of Sharjah. The club is dedicated to facilitating leisure and educational activities for women and children, providing them with a relaxed and nurturing place where they can learn, enjoy sports and cultivate their favourite hobbies. SLC organises events that relate to society, art, health and charity, with its activities including bazaars, exhibitions, sports, seminars and forums.

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