SBWC Boosts Collaboration with Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • SBWC educates graduates on strategies and methods of supporting women entrepreneurs

Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC), an affiliate of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, has received graduates from ‘Ana Raeda,’ an initiative by Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry’s SMEs Development Section. The meeting aligned with SBWC’s commitment to break down barriers and open up communication with entities relevant to empowering women professionally and economically.

Aimed at facilitating the exchange of experience and enhancing joint cooperation, the meeting highlighted SBWC’s strategies and methods in the field of training ambitious women willing to become entrepreneurs. It outlined its efforts to support and empower women to contribute efficiently to UAE’s development.

The Egyptian delegation was received by Sheikha Hind Majid Al Qassimi, Acting Chairperson of SBWC; comprising 12 Ana Raeda graduates, the delegation was headed by Shaima Hammad, Director of the SMEs Development Section at Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry.

“Our meeting with the ‘Ana Raeda’ programme graduates reflects our commitment to expanding our partnerships with entities in the region and across the Arab world. We believe that the exchange of expertise and experiences is instrumental in developing shared visions and creative ideas that have a positive impact on empowering Arab women socially and economically. During the meeting, we discussed ways to develop Sharjah’s as well as Egypt’s women entrepreneur businesses. We look forward to exchanging SBWC’s experiences with entities and initiatives in the field of economic and professional women empowerment,” said Sheikha Hind.

Shaima Hammad said, “SBWC has provided us with ample scope to improve collaboration. We were able to explore the council’s key achievements, projects and initiatives and discovered many common goals that unite us in our work. This enhances the prospects of us launching joint projects that benefit women entrepreneurs in Egypt and Sharjah.”

Speaking about Ana Raeda and its 150 female Egyptian graduates, Hammad pointed out that it seeks to become a comprehensive programme to support Egyptian entrepreneurs and to help them develop and expand their businesses by providing them with specialised professional training. The project’s graduates showcased their personal projects in fields that included furniture design, jewellery creation and traditional crafts.

SBWC is one of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment’s entities. Prior to coming under NAMA’s wing, SBWC operated independently to create and enhance the work environment for women and to train and prepare them to enter into private economic activities that will lead to greater social and economic development. Established in 2002, the council carries out a range of programmes and activities, including conferences, seminars, workshops and research. It also forges partnerships with government and private organisations in the UAE and beyond.