The second edition of the summer BMW X5 Series Open Social was hosted on the 9th June 2017.  The ever popular pair’s event consisted of a Betterball format for the front nine and a tricky Greensome format for the back nine. It was also round two for MVP awards with winners collecting individual points throughout the five series events throughout the summer months, in the race to become the ‘2017 BMW X5 Series Most Valuable Player (MVP)’.

Round 2 saw leading MVP contestants Ben Mulvaney & Nick Hymas return to attempt and further their standing in the league. With an effort of net 70 they certainly came close, however there scores on the day weren’t quite enough to advance their MVP points standing. The days play was won by a new pairing of Roger Ledeboer & Diman Rai as they joined forces in hot pursuit of the day’s title and the MPV points. Rodger & Diman dove tailed perfectly on the front nine during the Betterball format and produced a score of 35, one under par to put them in contention for the day’s title. On the back nine in the tricky Greensome format the duo combined incredibly well, with Roger’s power and Diman’s short game skills the pair were able to produce a three under par score on the back nine. Giving them an overall total of four under par and a single stroke advantage over their nearest competitors John Mills & Alex Charawani. In contrast to Roger & Diman, John & Alex performed better on the front nine, posting a total of two under par total for the Betterball format. This was enough to claim the format prize and collect the all-important MVP individual points. The duo just held onto the prize as they beat off via a scorecard playoff five other pair who also finished the Betterball format on a 34 total.

Picking up the prize for the back nine prize in the Greensome format was the victorious European Battle of The Continents Captain Mark Dupree & playing partner Charlie Rogers. They collaborated very well to record a remarkable four under par total in the format. As well as the days prize, both players are off the mark in the MVP points standing and will be keen to move up the leaderboard over the coming three months of summer. Currently the out right leader is Nick Hymas following his first round overall win and longest drive, giving him a three point lead. In Hot pursuit is playing partner Ben Mulvaney and round two’s winners Roger Ledeboer & Diman Rai, all on a 20 MVP points total.