Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said the expatriate Pakistanis are great ambassadors of their motherland and Punjab government has set up Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) to timely solve their problems. This commission has taken effective steps to resolve the problems and complaints of Pakistanis living across the globe. This commission is fully empowered and has given the expatriate Pakistanis their rights which they were deprived of since long. Now, no one can dare to occupy properties or usurp the money of great ambassadors of Pakistan living outside the country.

He was talking to a delegation of expatriate Pakistanis in London, today. While talking to the delegation, the Chief Minister said that the performance of Overseas Pakistanis Commission, Punjab is praiseworthy for solving the problems of lakhs of Pakistanis living overseas. If other departments also make a commitment to work with same zeal and passion with which this vital institution is working and the whole nation also makes a unanimous decision to work with the same passion, then the national affairs would be improved, not in years but in weeks, and the challenges and problems being faced by the country will also be solved.

The Chief Minister said that Overseas Pakistanis Commission is selflessly engaged to help resolve the problems of Pakistanis living out of the country as they are playing an important role in strengthening of national economy. He added that this organization has provided relief to thousands of overseas Pakistanis by solving their issues. There is no doubt that the OPC has set up a good example of teamwork.

The Chief Minister said that Pakistan is facing diverse problems today and these issues are created by us. We are needed to help wriggle the country out of quagmire of problems so that it could move on the road to progress by employing collective efforts and wisdom. And, this is the best way of moving forward. The task is arduous but not unattainable. If the nation decides to change the destiny of the country and adopts the golden principles of hard work, honesty and trust, then there would not be any difficulty in achieving the goals. He said the people always remember leadership that serves them with honesty, sincerity and truthfulness. He said the nation is facing numerous challenges and we are required to fight these challenges as one nation. For the purpose of changing the conditions of the country, we are required to first change ourselves. If all the segments of the society are united and strive collectively, then the time is not far away when the destiny of the country will be changed and I am confident that Pakistanis will emerge as a great nation despite difficulties and challenges.

He regretted that no steps were adopted to resolve the energy crisis in the previous tenure; rather worst criminal negligence was committed and due to it, the nation had to face the music. Due to the shortage of electricity, the economy, agriculture and industrial sectors were ruined and unemployment and poverty were increased. But the government of Pakistan Muslim League-N has given particular attention to solving the energy crisis by working day and night and as a result, the genie of load-shedding has been controlled today. As compared with the past, Pakistan of today is more prosperous, peaceful and secured, concluded the Chief Minister.

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