An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Why Ramadan is the Perfect Time to Get a Bargain

Ramadan brings with it more deals than you might struggle to get your head around, with car showrooms offering bright banners about big savings. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out which is the best deal for you.

However, there’s never been a better time to buy a new car – let’s not forget the GCC-wide Value Added Tax of five per cent on non-essentials that’s coming soon.

So how do you choose, and what exactly do all the big numbers mean? Ford is at hand to ensure you know what to consider when buying your new vehicle this #FordRamadan.

1. Budget
The price tag of the car is only a part of the total cost of ownership. Have a clear idea of how much you want to spend, and be sure to factor in any extra costs. If you’re visiting an Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies showroom in Saudi Arabia, you could be in line for a SAR10,000 discount* on already cut prices.

2. Insurance
In the UAE, a new tariff system was put in place at the turn of the year, implementing a minimum and maximum premium for motor vehicle insurance. But it’s not something you need to worry about with Al Tayer Motors and Premier Motors’ one-year free insurance offer.

  1. Maintenance and Warranty
    It’s comforting to know that your new Ford is well protected, and in the Middle East, your Ford comes standard with a minimum three-year/60,000 kilometres manufacturer warranty. Buying in the UAE this Ramadan, however, boosts both service and warranty to five years.

    Sometimes you’d like a little extra peace of mind though. If you want to protect yourself from unexpected vehicle repair costs that’s where the Ford Motor Company-backed Extended Service Plan contract comes in, with up to more than 1,000 components and associated labour covered under an extended PremiumCare plan – good for up to eight years or 300,000 kilometres depending on the package selected. Ask your Ford dealer about competitive pricing to find out more.

    4. Test Drive
    With a “Drive Now, Pay in 2018” slogan for the Season of Generosity, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s too good to be true. But it is true for some markets that offer zero per cent down payment, up to four months deferred payment, and a further four months of instalments paid by the local Ford dealer. So once you’ve created your shortlist of vehicle options, start booking those test drives. A test drive is the only way to get a solid impression of a car’s driving dynamics, features, and comfort levels, so take note of all the details with each test drive so you can do a proper comparison afterward.

    Keep in mind that while it is great to have a good-looking car, you will be travelling inside of the vehicle, so on the test drive make sure the seats are comfortable, the controls are easy to reach, all the instruments are clearly visible, and that it has all the features that you need.

5. Please Pay Here
Carefully consider how you wish to finance your purchase of your new dream Ford. When you take a loan to finance your vehicle, a finance company will calculate your monthly repayment based upon a number of factors, which include your ability to repay the loan, your credit worthiness, the amount you wish to borrow, and the period over which you wish to repay the loan. As you are borrowing money, you will be charged interest. It is therefore important to ensure you receive a competitive rate of interest, as interest rates will vary by lender. Ford dealers in the Middle East, however, offer many attractive financing solutions, meaning the routes you can take to owning your own Ford are plenty.

There won’t be a better time to get yourself a new set of wheels this year, so isn’t it about time you got yourself to your nearest Ford dealer? With a superb and diverse line-up, including the award winning Middle East Cars of the Year in their categories – Edge, Ranger and Figo – and the best selling lineup of trucks and SUVs, you’re certain to find a great offer on a vehicle you’ll really love.

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