Offbeat Hollywood films lure growing local talent to cater to global audiences

Hollywood is creating popular cinema by generating a surge in interest among audiences towards Indie films and short films that produce compelling story lines as well as create a platform to launch budding actors and directors with great potential

With offbeat films attracting a wealth of talent from various countries; the UAE has also contributed towards this burgeoning industry

Sebastian John Philippe Faure, a UAE born and Dubai-raised actor, is the latest to have etched an identity for himself in Hollywood’s fraternity. After working as an art consultant in a Dubai based gallery for three years, Sebastian realized that his passion for acting was so strong, that he had to move to Los Angeles to develop his career. In Los Angeles, he earned his Master’s in Fine Art and Acting at the New York Film Academy in Burbank. With his natural acting skills, he was able to work alongside veteran actors such as Isabela Hofmann, George McGrath and Joe Basile. Today, Sebastian has earned fourteen IMDb acting credits.

Cast as the lead in the multiple award-winning Sui Side Inn, Sebastian plays Chef Dimitri. Sui Side Inn tells the interesting story of an innkeeper named Sui who helps people with their struggle in a unique way. The movie earned the prestigious 2017 Platinum International Independent award, 2017 LA Shorts award, 2017 Los Angeles Film Award for Best Editing, and a 2017 Best Drama Award from the LA International Film Festival.

Speaking about his work, Sebastian says; “Every time I pick a role, I always start by understanding the psychology behind that person and the way he perceives life, because acting is all about thought. I thoroughly enjoy going deeper into the character. I remember in my acting class, one of my teachers asked me ‘What is your goal in becoming an established actor?’ I simply told him ‘I want to be remembered and leave my stamp on our human civilization. Even after I die, I can still affect people’s lives through my films.”

Sebastian’s prolific works include Retail Blues, The Reverie and Daughter of the Laketo name a few. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Orson Welles, are some of the actors who have inspired Sebastian. With mainstream cinema talent pool having a limited shelf life, short and indie cinema promises more opportunities for promising actors like Sebastian.