Nestlé Launches its First Ever Organic Growing Up Milk Made Exclusively in Switzerland

  • New NIDO ONE PLUS ORGANIC now available in stores across the UAE

Nestlé launched today its first ever organic growing up milk in the UAE, NIDO ONE PLUS Organic within its much loved growing up milk range. The new product, exclusively made from Swiss organic certified farms, is a high quality organic growing up milk that allows moms to nurture their children and support their growth.

NIDO ONE PLUS Organic powdered milk is created with a child’s health, nutrition and development at the heart. Each serving is tailored to provide toddlers aged between 1 and 3 years with the high-quality ingredients they need as they grow. It is fortified with immunonutrients vitamins A, C and D, iron, selenium and zinc to help the normal function of a child’s immune system, and natural fibres to support their digestive system

Sophia Jalal, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Infant Nutrition in the Middle East said: “At Nestlé, we know how important it is for moms to establish a healthy eating routine for their kids at a young age and to provide them with the best of nature. By raising their children on organic food, with high quality ingredients, moms will not only support their child’s healthy growth, development, and immune system, but also help preserve the environment during the pivotal stages of growth. These are the core values and standards behind Nestlé NIDO ONE PLUS Organic.”

NIDO ONE PLUS Organic is made using milk sourced predominantly from the Emmental region of Switzerland. The cows are nurtured and cared for by organically certified farmers, in land supported by the Swiss government. They are almost entirely grass-fed, grazing the fields in the foothills of the Alps in the summer and moving to large barns for the winter months.

The organic journey starts with the Swiss farmers that are the trusted experts; many of their families have been farming for generations, so they are able to combine age-old traditions with today’s science – to ensure every child receives quality organic milk. Nestlé supports the farmers that make sure the cows live healthy and happy lifestyles to produce high quality organic milk – just the way nature intended.

Thomas Saurer, Compliance Manager and Expert in Organic Dairy Production at Nestlé Factory in Switzerland (Konolfingen) said “Nestlé incorporates Swiss precision into every step of the production process from cow to cup. Its specialised and state of the art factory is organically certified as per Swiss Organic Certification standards and features an original and precise production line to produce high quality organic growing up milk. Every step of the process is designed to ensure quality, so that every child is provided with the protection and nutrition they deserve.”