Neffos X1 Max review: A surprisingly solid all-rounder

Global networking leader TP-Link has crossed over to smartphones, with its new Neffos brand among the latest to join the fray. You know how solid TP-Link’s Wi-Fi networking products are, but can the company also make solid handsets? We reviewed the Neffos X1 Max to see if there’s a reason to be hopeful for the newcomer that’s vying for your attention.

The Neffos X1 Max ticks the important boxes on the hardware front: It’s got a sleek metal body that isn’t too large to hold and operate single-handedly; the screen, spread over 5.5 inches, is gorgeous to look at; the rear camera, fast and can be relied upon for casual photography; and day-to-day affairs are no hassle, overseen by a capable processing package. Which, in simpler words, means it is a splendid all-rounder.

Neffos is indeed off to a great start with the X1 Max. And if this is only a preamble to a serious run at the mobile industry, it wouldn’t surprise us to see the company get more attention — and recognition — from consumers and critics alike.