Mahandru Associates attending Property Expo, Lahore – PAK

  • Expo Centre, Johar Town – Lahore on 13th & 14th May 2017.

Mahandru Associates, one of the UAE’s reputed Immigration and Investment Consultant, is set to join Property Expo in Lahore, Pakistan, held at Johar Town Expo & Convention Center.

Mahandru Associates will display a vast array of its latest projects which help its prospective clients to obtain Permanent Residency and Citizenship in different parts of the world through Real Estate and other mixed Investments. A vast property portfolio from its European property partners in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Spain, and Portugal will be showcased in relation to the legal requirements of obtaining the Residency and Citizenship rights.

In addition to the wide European attractive property market, several Caribbean Island countries in the commonwealth will also be represented as one of the very few places offering direct Citizenship and Passport alternatives through multiple Property Investment options.

Mahandru Associates participation in the show is part of efforts to meet growing demand from investors in the region, who are constantly seeking for an internationally experienced all-round enterprise in managing their wealth and opening new channels and markets for generations ahead.

“The Zameen Property Expo in Lahore is a great platform to showcase our outstanding success and valuable experience in the MENAP region on foreign property investment with residency and citizenship solutions and engage directly with potential clients in Pakistan and neighboring states,” said Raheel Sheikh, Managing director of Mahandru Associates.

“Given the apparent high volume of investment by Pakistani investors into UAE’s real estate market, we are well-positioned to highlight our attractive alternatives in the European continent which come along with immense added benefits for the family.” – Sheikh Added