Lincoln Continental Epitomises Luxury and Elegance with Understated Class, Ensuring it Stands Out From the Crowd

2017 Lincoln Continental
  • Lincoln Approach Detection illuminates your approach with a welcome mat, while microprocessor-enabled, electronically-assisted e-Latch door handles are seamlessly integrated into the beltline for a smooth, clean appearance
  • Available 30-way adjustable Perfect Position front seats are inspired by those used in private aircraft, with a patented comfort carrier system that conforms to, and supports, the body
  • A listening experience previously only available through high-end home audio systems is now available in a Lincoln with Revel Audio, Harman International’s most exclusive loudspeaker brand 

The Lincoln Continental is designed to appeal to those who are looking for something different in the luxury market; those that understand that luxury whispers its understated elegance rather than roar or garish opulence. With Continental, the subtle details and welcoming warmth stand it apart from the crowd.

And it all begins with the approach. A warm, inviting welcome sets the tone for Lincoln Continental ownership. The vehicle comes to life as the driver, carrying the key fob, comes within a range of up to eight feet, and receives a warm embrace through Approach Detection technology.

The exclusive to Lincoln E-Latch door handles tuck discreetly in the clean beltline. By way of the simple pressing of a button on the handle that activates a next-world microprocessor-controlled opening of the door, Continental’s clever technology provides for an elegant entry. Available auto-folding pedestal side-view mirrors move into driving position after the driver enters the vehicle and closes the door.

Available patented Lincoln-designed Perfect Position front seats are inspired by those used in private aircraft; a patented comfort carrier system conforms to and supports the body, enhancing comfort. The seats have available heating, cooling and massaging functionality, along with up to 30-way adjustability that conforms to passengers’ shapes and sizes.

In addition to greater adjustability than previously offered to better tailor and personalise their experience, improved comfort comes from a patented flexible comfort carrier. This suspension system of plastic and a thin layer of foam flexes around the body, helping take stress off the shoulders and neck.

Support for the lower body and legs is provided by two extending thigh cushions, each independently adjustable. The cushions can be extended or moved up or down, allowing the driver to further personalise the adjustments and give support as needed to each leg independently, recognising the different needs for each leg – one is at rest while the other engages the pedals.

Additional comfort is provided by massage functions in the back and cushion. The rolling-pattern massage is designed to help reduce muscle fatigue, aches and pains by keeping muscles and blood vessels stimulated in the legs and lower back.

The intuitive technology screams class and luxury, but not as loud and clear as the Revel sound system which offers a mobile concert quality listening experience comparable to what’s offered only through very high-end home audio systems. Point Source Architecture, Field Balancing Shorting Rings, auto-adjusting “Clarif-Fi” that matches source quality with the precise level of audio reconstruction, the beautifully-built and designed 13-speaker Revel audio system and a 19-speaker Revel Ultima™ system turns the new Continental into a concert hall.

One of the first things a driver does in a car is turn on the audio system, which is why a premium audio experience is more important than ever. Revel audio systems are designed and tested through computer-aided design, three-dimensional models, in presentation rooms and most importantly, in vehicles. Each system is designed specifically for that vehicle, with the placement, tuning, calibration and number of speakers customised to ensure superior sound quality and audio accuracy. Moreover, every Revel audio system is tuned to the trim of the vehicle, because when interior materials are changed, sound changes as well.

The passenger-side rear seat, too, can fully recline by moving the front passenger seat forward with the touch of a button. From a panel mounted on the through-centre console, rear passengers also can control the Revel audio system, choosing from one of the three optional surround-sound modes – Stereo, Audience, and On-Stage – as well as regulate climate settings.

Lincoln’s flagship full-size sedan is all-new for 2017, but it’s simultaneously become a rebirth; a reincarnation of an icon. Luxury customers look for three main attributes in their full-sized sedan; technologies that ease their everyday experience, a beautiful design that is crafted with attention to detail, and a vehicle with impressive power that makes it a pleasure to drive. The 2017 Lincoln Continental has all that in spades, emphasised by an understated, quiet luxury.