Khalifa Al Naser – Exclusive Emirati Pop & Jazz Singer

Khalifa Al Naser signed exclusivity with KG Production & Events, what an amazing news to start the new season.

Khalifa Al Naser, An Emirati Jazz and Pop singer with passion of playing music to spread the happiness and joy around his great country and the world. Khalifa Al Naser is an Emirati Singer and Guitar player, he sing English covers songs and some of them are twisted into his own versions, Khalifa Al Naser is so proud to be an Emirati and he always present his identity by wearing Kandoora the traditional Emirati dress to show that Emiratis really ‘got talents’. Khalifa Al Naser performing with his Band or solo with his guitar and in other times he sings with backing track music.

When we asked Mr. Khalil Ghadri about Khalifa he said: We always searching for the greatest talents around this country to support them and present them to our clients, but when I heard Khalifa 8 months ago I found unusual talent with great personality, having an extreme passion to follow his dream to be a pop singer Khalifa learned Guitar to add his feelings to the songs because he felt so limited when he was performing with the backing tracks. We got amazing feedbacks for each booking we had with Khalifa and now I’m so proud to announce Khalifa’s exclusivity.