Il Caffe di Roma – Abu Dhabi Donates AED5 Million to Sandooq Al Watan

  • This donation makes the café chain the first entity from the food & beverage sector to come forward in support of the national fund.

Il Caffe di Roma – Abu Dhabi has donated AED5 million to Sandooq Al Watan, the national initiative launched by prominent Emirati businessmen to support research projects for the post-oil era.

The chain of cafés is the first enterprise from the food & beverage sector to be added to the Prime Funders list, which compiles the names of all contributors to Sandooq Al Watan – individuals or institutions – until the end of the Year of Giving 2017. In addition to its monetary contribution, Il Caffe di Roma – Abu Dhabi has pledged to promote Sandooq Al Watan’s activities and initiatives at its facilities.

This new donation brings the total sum raised by the fund since its inception to nearly AED564 million, which is more than half (56%) of the amount it hopes to raise by the year 2020.

“We are honoured to be contributing to Sandooq Al Watan and playing our part to repay the UAE for all it has offered us,” said His Excellency Ahmed Mohsen Al Hamed Al Hashimi, Chairman of Emirates First Group, which owns Il Caffe di Roma – Abu Dhabi. “The Emirates has always been a role model of tolerance and civility, welcoming people of all races and backgrounds and providing them with the ideal conditions to invest and grow. Our contribution to this national initiative stems from our commitment to social responsibility, and our firm belief in working with all individuals and institutions that seek to develop this country.”

The Board of Directors at Sandooq Al Watan welcomed Il Caffe di Roma – Abu Dhabi as the first institution from the food & beverage sector to support the fund, expressing their gratitude for the generous contribution and applauding the company’s social responsibility and commitment to the development of the UAE.

Sandooq Al Watan had recently launched the ‘Our Future’ initiative, which provides a host of services, including product marketing for the inventions, incubating startups, promoting research, and strengthening ties between the private sector and academic institutions. It focuses on identifying innovative ideas and developing techniques to implement them as local businesses that can attract global investments and eventually compete with international enterprises such as Google and Tesla, among others.