High Street Jewelry is a carefully curated online platform

High Street Jewelry is a carefully curated online platform that connects both women and men to a variety of jewelry, accessories and watches from designers around the world. From necklaces to earrings and bags, the selected pieces from renowned designers offer elegant and unique options. High Street Jewelry aims to become the ultimate online destination for designers, boutiques, fashion houses and department stores selling accessories.

Founder Reine Saba, translated her passion for jewelry and launched the online outlet High Street Jewelry as a way of sharing her affection for fashionable accessories with others. Her vision is to curate and source jewelry from around the world and make it available and accessible to everyone in Dubai and all over the world. Inspired by her travels she has explored Sri Lanka for star sapphires, Australia for black opal, Cambodia and Swaziland for tribal bracelets, browsed in small villages in Zambia and Mozambique for wooden necklaces, admired traditional jewelry in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as amber in Latvia, diamonds in Miami, and crystals in Austria and Belarus. Reine’s exposure to different cultures and different people developed her expertise in jewelry and paved the way for collaborations with designers from around the world, namely South Korea, U.S.A, Lebanon, France and Italy who now supply High Street Jewelry with their latest design collections.

High Street Jewelry offers a variety of elegant items that include gold plated, sterling silver and brass accessories finished with crystal embellishments and precious stones. Sterling silver is chosen for its strength and durability and the brass jewelry pieces are crafted with fine jeweler’s brass. They offer pieces for day wear and more opulent pieces for evening glamour.

Delivery is free worldwide and all orders are carefully packaged in branded gift boxes and pouches. Providing quality products with excellent service, High Street endeavor to provide unique bespoke jewelry for each unique personality.

Visit: http://highstreetjewelry.com

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