On the eve of International Hepatitis Day celebrations were held at Lahore General Hospital in which walk, seminar and media talk was held where Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof. Ghiyas-un-Nabi Tayyab said that Hepatitis is not an epidemic disease and in time diagnosis and treatment can be save maximum lives. He said that it is the need of hour that people at large should be informed about this disease which was spreading day by day and patients don’t have exact information on it. He said that in 1990 less information was on the surface but now latest techniques and medicines can cure in the matter. Dr. Israr-ul-Haque Toor said that especially women should be careful in beauty parlors and men at barber shops. He said that two crore people are caught of hepatitis in Pakistan and they should come towards treatment as early possible. He also stressed upon the need that apart from medical, people from media, social organizations should also come forward to create awareness among masses on this increasing disease and work on war footing basis.

Prof. Ghiyas un Nabi Tayyab and Dr. Israr ul Haq Toor threw light on the cause and symptoms of hepatitis and said that clean water should be used in the houses and if any problem occurred then immediately be contacted doctors for right treatment. They said that some virus can create problem and affect on stomach and hepatitis of two type “A” and “B” while now “D” an “E” also  been noted which are very painful. Speakers said that celebration of International Day of Hepatitis is a good omen which would be helpful for the patients. In this connection a walk was also held in Lahore General Hospital where doctors, paramedical staff and patients were present in a large number.