Global Network SERMO Announces UAE’s Top Influencers

  • Huda Kattan & Taim Al Falasi among UAE’s top ten beauty, grooming and lifestyle influencers

Leading global luxury and lifestyle communications network, SERMO, has launched its third annual Influencer Index – its analysis of the top digital influencers and rising stars in its 18 markets worldwide. The Index is designed to help clients keep on top of the ever-growing influencer talent pool – 79% of brand decision makers cite identifying the right influencers to work with as their biggest challenge.

The Index lists a global top 18 which, along with the top 10 lists from each market, when connected by SERMO’s partner agencies, comprise the new global media. Vlogger and media personality, Taim Al Falasi was among the global top 18 list for luxury lifestyle influencers and is one of the top 10 luxury lifestyle influencers in the UAE. Taim was also named by Arab business magazine as one of the most powerful women in the region and twice the world’s most influential young Arab.

This years’ Index also includes a dedicated section on beauty and grooming influencers – an industry that’s led the way in influencer marketing and which continues to innovate. According to Euromonitor International (EMI), consumers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia spent $6.85 billion on beauty and personal care in 2015. In the UAE that equates to $247 per capita spent on cosmetics and personal care, more than any other country in the Middle East and ninth worldwide.

As the beauty industry continues to thrive, owing most of its success to social media, beauty influencers in the UAE have managed and continue to create content that satisfies and benefits their followers. No stranger to the beauty world, Huda Kattan is among the global top 18 beauty and grooming influencers and one of the top 10 beauty and grooming influencers in the UAE. As her empire continues to grow globally so does her credibility as the world’s top beauty influencer.

Tanya Hughes, president of SERMO Communications, comments “Global clients come to us for ‘global’ media coverage, but there’s really no such thing as truly global media. Even the major publishing houses can’t press a button for global reach. Together, we believe these influencers constitute the new global media – they’re more flexible and trans-border than traditional media. And when connected via our network partners can create global online reach for brands that delivers real business impact. Our service at the same time, helps influencers grow their global profile.”

“The SERMO Influencer Index gives us a deep understanding of the rising power of these social media influencers in a digital-first media reality. Charting the evolution of the UAE’s top luxury lifestyle and beauty influencers over the last three years, and benchmarking their performance across our 18 SERMO markets, reveals how these digital tastemakers are now shaping rather than following industry trends. The rate at which the sector is maturing and the increasing dominance of these influencers on the purchasing decisions of consumers presents exciting opportunities for brands,” said Louise Mezzina, partner of Mojo PR.

The 2017 Index updates the network’s global and local rankings of influencers using its unique 70:30 digital influence algorithm – 70% data (an influencer’s total audience reach) + 30% human judgement (a score based on SERMO agencies’ experiences of the influencers’ professionalism, creativity and peer influence). SERMO partners use the same algorithm when designing bespoke influencer marketing campaigns for clients at both local and global levels. This year, SERMO has partnered with influencer relationship management technology provider, Traackr, on the data element of the Index.