Fujairah Port Medical Centre collaborates with Tristar and Fujairah Port to provide free medical screening for almost 500 seafarers

  • A first of its kind initiative taking place at Fujairah Port Medical Centre to bring increased focus on seafarers’ wellbeing and happiness

Continuing support to International Seafarers Day 2017, Fujairah Port Medical Centre in collaboration with Tristar and Fujairah Port offered two days of free medical screening to almost 500 seafarers, who were stationed at the port on July 9 and 10.

Each seafarer received free medical screening that included blood pressure reading, calculation of BMI, blood sugar testing, consultation for chronic diseases, and free medications.

This year the Day of the Seafarer was celebrated by the International Maritime Organisation with the theme ‘Seafarers Matter’.

Eugene Mayne, Founder and Group CEO of Tristar, said: “The shipping industry transports 90% of the world’s trade  and the seafarers are the backbone of this large industry. They dedicate themselves to life at sea, away from home, doing work that can often be challenging, lonely and even dangerous. As a company with strong interests in the shipping sector, we are committed to the welfare of seafarers. We launched this initiative in collaboration with the Fujairah Port and the Fujairah Port Medical Centre to ensure that seafarers can do their jobs safely, feel valued and can return home safely to their families.”

On his part, Dr. Jayaprakash Subramani, CMO and Internist of Fujairah Port Medical Centre, said: “Maritime working environment demands strenuous physical working conditions, potentially hazardous tasks, isolation, long hours of work, rigid organizational structures and high levels of stress and fatigue. This results in seafarers having higher chances for being affected by diseases and accidents compared to other occupations. That is why it is crucial to get a periodical health screening and we are pleased that we have started this initiative with Tristar and Fujairah Port.”

The medical centre is a member of the Al Sharq Healthcare Group which is the wholly owned division of Fujairah National Group.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the main infectious diseases to which sea travelers may be exposed to include malaria, anthrax, chickenpox and shingles, cholera, dengue, diphtheria, ear infections, hand infections in seafarers and fishers, and influenza to name a few.