Expo Centre Sharjah Performs Fire and Evacuation Drill

The Operations Department at Expo Center Sharjah recently conducted an evacuation drill for staff and visitors at the Centre in collaboration with Sharjah General Directorate of Civil Defense and Sharjah Police.

Commenting on this precautious activity, Moutaz Mohammad, Operation Department Manager at Expo Centre Sharjah, and the drill coordinator said: “Expo Centre Sharjah is commitment to conducting training drills regularly in order to raise the awareness of our staff and visitors about fire safety. We believe in the importance of training our staff to provide them with crisis management capabilities.”

Further, Muhammed explained that the fire and evacuation drill was conducted in coordination with Sharjah Police and Sharjah General Directorate of Civil Defense. The drill was completed in a record time, as the premises were evacuated in 4 minutes and occupants were lead to the assembly points. The activity realized its goals of raising awareness of employees and visitors.