ESET Repeats Best Score in AV-Test Self-Protection Test for the Third Consecutive Time

The latest AV-Test released their new Self-Protection of Antivirus Software test, examining 32 cybersecurity solutions on file protection with Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP). For the third time, ESET has participated in the test with both business and consumer product and in both cases has repeated its flawless performance, scoring 100%. ESET is the only vendor in the history of the test to reach the maximum score each time.

AV-Test examined all the key self-protection capabilities of the tested cybersecurity software in connection with user-mode PE (portable executable) files for 32- and 64-bit solutions. Additionally, the valid certificate signature of files and HTTPS protocol were part of the latest assessment.

“To offer exceptional cybersecurity protection, vendors have to deliver protection on top of a flawlessly protected core,” said Andreas Marx, CEO at AV-TEST GmbH. “In each of our Self-protection tests ESET products proved that they are able to deliver impeccable performance.”

“We are committed to developing and delivering stable and effective products to protect our users from various IT security threats that affect day-to-day businesses. Our repeated success validates our dedication and efforts in safeguarding businesses and their sensitive data,“ said Dimitris Raekos, General Manager, ESET Middle East.

In 2014, when the first self-protection test was published, only two manufacturers were able to fully deploy ASLR & DEP technology. In the most recent test, half of the analyzed solutions achieved full self-protection, which is a big step forward in industry standards.

“At ESET, we strive to provide users with products that lead by example,” said Juraj Malcho, Chief Technology Officer at ESET. “Using technologies such as ASLR and DEP goes hand in hand with designing a robust set of products, verified by extensive internal and external testing and code auditing to achieve maximum reliability.”