Dubai Based Hospitality Group Launches All New Loyalty Programme

  • In celebration of its 25th anniversary, homegrown quick-service-restaurant company, Hotbrands International (HBI) has launched its one-of-a-kind loyalty programme, Gastronaut, to reward its loyal customers across six of its UAE brands. 

To celebrate a quarter of a century in the market, Hotbrands International (HBI) is introducing a unique loyalty programme this month, which will reward its patrons on three different levels.

Aptly named Gastronaut, patrons can reach the different stages of Earth, Moon and Sun while receiving even better rewards as they move through the levels.  The loyalty programme stretches over six of the HBI brands, namely Shamiana, Haru, Magic Wok, Santino’s, Sugoi and Wok Chi.

Hotbrands International set the trend for quick-service-restaurants in the UAE.

Since the first store opened with a headcount of seven, the company has grown into a multi-brand multi-national organisation, and now employs over 450 individuals in the GCC and India, with 60 outlets across a number of shopping centres in the region.

Sticking to its reputation as pioneers of the food and beverage industry, Gastronaut is unlike any other loyalty programme available.  It works merely by customers providing their mobile numbers and registering their profiles online. All communication and rewards are done via SMS – with no cards, paper vouchers or collection of stickers required. While the average reward on other loyalty programmes within the F&B space is 10-15%, Gastronaut will provide rewards of up to 20% to its customers.

“25 years ago we could never have envisioned we’d be where we are today, and it is thanks to our loyal customers that we’re able to run such a successful organisation. To give back to our patrons and show them our appreciation for their support, we decided to launch Gastronaut,” comments Avinash Bal, Chairman of Hotbrands International.

“We’ve spent a great deal of time designing and developing a loyalty programme that has all the necessary elements – innovative, unique, user-friendly and provides worthwhile rewards.  We have no doubt that Gastronaut will give our customers the benefits they deserve while we continue to serve up some of the best quick-service cuisine in the region.”

Explore outer space by becoming a Gastronaut Anybody who is a UAE national or resident, and who provides a mobile number at the point of sale at any of the six participating HBI brands, will become part of the programme, automatically starting on the first level.

The first level, Earth is acquired upon joining the programme and will remain until a customer has reached 150 “stars”. They receive 1 star for every AED10 spent which they can accumulate or redeem whenever they wish, and no maintenance is required to remain in this category.

To move to the next level, Moon customers need to acquire between 150 and 300 stars, and they will receive 1.5 stars for every AED10 spent. In order to stay in this category, they must maintain a 100-star balance within a six-month period, and each time a transaction is made, the deadline is extended by a further six-months.

The third level is Sun, and by far the most rewarding of the three. Customers will receive 2 stars for every AED10 spent when they accumulate 400 stars, and need to maintain a balance of 250 stars within a six-month period to stay at this level.

“Now that we’ve officially launched the programme, we’ll continue developing it further to include other benefits at different levels. From birthday vouchers, exclusive chef demonstrations, private tastings, cooking classes, interactions with famous culinary experts, recipe creation participation, and various competitions, there’s no doubt that Gastronaut will soon be one of the best loyalty programmes in the region,” says Bal.

For more information about Gastronaut, visit any of the Hotbrands International concepts: Shamiana, Sugoi, Magic Wok, Santino’s, Haru and Wok Chi, and sign up today.  Members will then receive a SMS where they can complete their profile and check their balance, Gastronaut level, available vouchers and expiry dates.