Deliveroo restaurant partners report massive business uplift despite growing competition in the UAE’s F&B Sector

  • Raised awareness, reduced delivery costs and enhanced logistics help generate greater revenue for Deliveroo’s partners

Despite growing competition in the UAE’s F&B sector, popular restaurants including Busaba Eathai, Friends’ Avenue Café, Fuchsia, One Life Kitchen and Pineapple Express have reported an uplift in business since they became partners of Deliveroo – the region’s premier food delivery service.

Anis Harb, General Manager of Deliveroo GCC, commented: “Ultimately, our restaurant partners are able to generate larger revenues thanks to the greater visibility, reduced delivery costs and logistical benefits that Deliveroo offers them. The UAE’s food delivery market is growing rapidly and we are perfectly positioned to help restaurants seize this opportunity by giving our partners the ability to expand at low risk, we are making good on our promise to widen access to the world’s best food.”

Deliveroo’s user-friendly app and the highly trained fleet of riders improve customer service with efficient, reliable and timely delivery, and the company provides its partners with marketing support that enhances their presence and reputation in the UAE’s crowded F&B marketplace.

“Deliveroo is a key strategic partner for Taqado,” said Nadine Benchaffai, Taqado’s CEO. “The constant drive for growth and improvement on both sides has delivered significant growth results with more than a 300% growth in delivery orders over the last year.”

Umit Acar, Brand Manager of Busaba Eathai also commented: “Deliveroo is a massive help for generating more revenue, promoting our business and adding value to our brand. We have enjoyed a great partnership since day one and have never considered working or partnering with any other third party food delivery service in the market.”

Tanya Azmi, Managing Partner of Fuschia added: “Working with Deliveroo has helped us to reach new Fuchsia fans and provide them with a great delivery experience, which has boosted our sales and allowed us to acquire new customers who are trying us out because we are listed on the app. After a certain point, it becomes very costly to increase your own delivery offering while maintaining good service and delivery times – this is where Deliveroo comes in!”

One Life Kitchen previously worked with another third party food delivery service but has since made its partnership with Deliveroo exclusive, while Friends’ Avenue Café was unable to find a provider that could meet its requirements before Deliveroo launched in Dubai.

Deliveroo arrived in Dubai in 2015 and launched in Abu Dhabi in 2016, most recently expanding to Khalifa City with dozens of partners. It has since grown steadily to meet the increasing consumer demand for its award-winning service, becoming the one-stop solution for restaurants seeking to raise their game in the UAE’s exciting culinary landscape.

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