DeG Named ‘Northern Emirates IT Department of the Year’

Noor Ali Al Noman receives the “Government Mobile App of the Year” Award
  • Sharjah Department of eGovernment also scoops ‘Government Mobile App of the Year’ at prestigious .GOV Awards ceremony held last night

Sharjah Department of eGovernment (DeG) has been named ‘Northern Emirates IT Department of the Year’ at the.GOV Awards, a prestigious annual awards ceremony that was held last night at Grosvenor House in Dubai. The honour was one of two scooped by DeG, which works to enhance communications across government entities, with the department also winning ‘Government Mobile App of the Year.’

“It was an enormous honour to have received these two .GOV Awards, which pay tribute to excellence in government information. I dedicate them to everyone at DeG who has worked so hard to improve the efficiency of communications for Sharjah government departments, as well as for households in the emirate. Effective communications is the heart beat of good governance and the bestowing of these two important awards is a testament to the tremendously positive impact DeG has had on the UAE’s IT landscape,” said H.E Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Director General of DeG.

Collecting the awards for DeG was Noor Al Noman, Director of DeG and principal architect of the “Sharjah Land” mobile game that won the department’s second award. Al Noman attended the award ceremony along with multiple representatives and staff members from DeG, who were among 300 of the most elite government officials and technology professionals in the UAE.

DeG was named ‘Northern Emirates IT Department of the Year’ after impressing the award’s judges with its array of strategic digital G2G (Government to Government) and G2C (Government to Citizen) enablement services. Stand out initiatives for the panel included its sustainability offerings, such as its Tier 3 Mobile Data Centers and the regular workshops it holds to improve data exchange across government departments. DeG’s highly regarded training sessions are conducted on site as well as hosted externally, including at National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) events and GITEX Technology Week.

Also under the category, DeG won plaudits for its ‘Zajel’ paperless system that comprises secured end-to-end encrypted services, electronic signatures and the facility to track and monitor documents and messages. Zajel was praised for eliminating the potential for confusion resulting from missing documents and increasing the security of communications between government departments.

DeG collected its ‘Government Mobile App of the Year’ award in recognition of the value of Sharjah Land,’ a mobile app/game which aims to inculcate the principles of good citizenship in Sharjah’s youth. Initially launched at GITEX in 2016, the game recently received an update and a new edition was unveiled last week at University of Sharjah.

Featuring enhanced graphics and increased interactive capabilities, the upgraded edition of Sharjah Land introduced ‘Captain’ to its existing superhero complement of ‘Viro,’ ‘Tina,’ ‘Noman’ and ‘Unity.’ The quintet – each member of which represents a set of Sharjah government departments – works to fight against the forces that stop progress and to create a positive and fulfilling society for all.

“These two .GOV Awards are a worthy commendation of DeG’s strategy of pursuing the best solutions in information technology, which have set a high benchmark in the field of government communications. DeG will continue to push further into developing more of its innovative ideas and concepts that are designed to both improve government connectivity in Sharjah and to benefit its good citizens,” added Al Qasimi.

DeG has aims to create a knowledge-based society through providing excellence in digital services and advanced IT solutions. The department seeks to support the growth of the emirate’s economic, social and cultural affairs, to achieve sustainable development in the UAE. To accomplish its goals, DeG works in collaboration with other government departments to elevate its functions in the pursuit of transparency and corporate governance.