CA welcomes AFL pay deal

Cricket Australia has today welcomed the resolution of the AFL’s bargaining process with its players as further strong evidence that the revenue share model currently applying in cricket needs to be changed in the interests of the game.

A Cricket Australia spokesperson said: “The AFL, with the agreement of its players, has rejected the funding model that currently exists within cricket. They understand that the fixed-percentage model is outdated, and hinders the sport.

“The AFL players, led by former Australian Cricketers’ Association head Paul Marsh, have instead embraced a pay deal which is more closely aligned with the proposal that Cricket Australia has offered our elite players,” the spokesperson said.

Cricket Australia said “both the AFL deal and the proposal that CA has put to the nation’s cricketers feature guaranteed payments. Above the guaranteed payments, players share in additional revenue after expenses are taken into account. This is more akin to a profit share. By contrast, the existing cricket model is based on a fixed share of revenue that ignores the cost of generating that revenue”.

“The AFL deal demonstrates clearly that you do not need a player payments model based on a fixed percentage of revenue to be a successful sport that looks after all levels of the game, including grassroots, or to have an effective partnership with the players.”

CA said “the modified model that we have proposed will provide the flexibility to invest significantly more in grassroots, particularly junior cricket, while significantly increasing remuneration for our male players, and achieving a ground-breaking pay model for our women’’.