The Art of Investing in Yourself Through PR

  • By Rima Al Jareh, Spread Communications

Quite often, I get asked what PR means, and what we actually do – I try to simplify and break it down as much possible – PR is a field that involves creating communications where attention and trust are earned rather than purchased.

A lot of people often link PR to businesses and organizatons, and thus miss out on the part of how beneficial it can be for yourself, and your personal brand, or what we often call ”Personal PR.”

Here are a few tips on how to best PR yourself :

  • Be active on social media
    Social media has now become an essential part of our daily life. We use it to search for all things possible. Thus, being active on social media will guarantee your name is ”out there.”
  • Promote yourself through different platforms
    Yes, social media is important. But let’s not forget about the other types of media such as, magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio. Create articles, podcasts, and videos that are relevant to your industry.
  • Brand yourself locally

Networking is your breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Make sure you attend events – big or small – research, check its relevance and if of interest , RSVP. If you ever get the chance to speak at an event, don’t miss out!

Personal PR can help boost your name, and benefit you in several ways. It could help you land your next investment, scale your career, or even get you more sales if you have a business.

It is important to remember that valuations will easily get stuck in people’s mind, hence you need to understand that everything said about you, can affect your position negatively if these tools are not utilized in the right way.

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