AlScene Launches Custom Ramadan TV Schedule Generator

  • A first for the Middle East, – MO4Network’s newest and first Arabic media platform – launches an interactive Ramadan feature letting users create their own custom TV viewing schedule by answering four simple questions. might live and breathe online, but the innovative and irreverent team know that in Ramadan, TV reigns supreme. Working with MO4 Network’s team of in-house developers, presents the region’s first Custom Ramadan TV Schedule Generator. With just four simple clicks, the seasonal feature will create a unique schedule, customized to each user’s preferences and the times of day they’re free to watch.

“As digital content veterans, MO4 Network puts its full weight behind innovation in an ever-changing media landscape. With’s Custom Ramadan TV Schedule Generator, the Arabic platform provides a unique bridge between online and traditional media. By leveraging the popular online quiz format and applying it to the pinnacle of popular culture in the Middle East, the feature plays into the global trend of individuals choosing the content they consume,” explains Dalia Awad, MO4 Network’s Innovation Director.

The Custom Ramadan TV Schedule Generator puts user experience at the heart of unique point of interaction between and its readers. After clicking four simple responses – when you’re free to watch, which are your preferred genres, who are you favourite actors and which shows you’ve liked in the past – the feature quickly creates and displays a customized schedule, complete with all show details, and lets each download their bespoke guide to save and print.

With up to 40 new shows to catch, Ramadan TV viewers are known to carefully create their own handwritten watching schedules, flipping from one channel to another to consume as much new content as their time allows.  With’s first-of-its-kind generator, that’s now a thing of the past.

“We’re always looking for new ways to engage with our growing audience and, during Ramadan, there’s no better way to connect with regional readers than through the medium of new, shared TV programming. The individual schedules generated by contain full information on each show, organized to fit the personal schedules and taste of each user. The schedules also allow users to watch online and find out more about the cast. For traditionalists, a fridge-friendly, printable version is also immediately downloadable.” says Ranya Owieda,’s Managing Editor.

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