Al Huzaifa Furniture introduces its ‘gold glow’ collection

  • Al Huzaifa Furniture has always leaded the pack when it comes to innovative home furnishings in the UAE, unveils its new collection
  • Al Huzaifa Furniture is available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Al Huzaifa, a luxury furniture brand that creates timeless pieces and décor for homes with a modern twist to the classic furniture introduces its gold collection. Al Huzaifa houses quality furniture for every home including contemporary and modern designs to choose from. The new collection consists of classic sofa sets made of superior quality materials.

Each piece from the collection is plated with gold metal giving it a shiny touch and made with natural wood for sturdiness. The quality cushions and foam make these pieces of furniture strong adding longevity. The collection has a variety of golden hues that can complement the house giving it a luxurious and classy look. Every piece of the gold-plated furniture exhibits style and modernity. The sofa sets, chairs and accessories in Al Huzaifa’s collection are crafted with precision by talented designers and experts who have an eye for detail like intricate floral or abstract patterns and designs. The ultra-luxe furniture is a testament to Al Huzaifa’s fine taste in furniture.

Find the best innovated and classy furniture at the Al Huzaifa Furniture showrooms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.