Airing every Wednesday at 10pm on Dubai One and Friday at 10:30pm on Dubai TV

  • Sixth Episode of ‘Fashion Star’ Season Two Sees Tunisian Contestant Yusra Al Riflawi Sent Home
  • Designs inspired by late Hollywood stars featured on the runway
  • Featuring international design experts Reem Acra, Hanaa Ben Abd El Salam and Ramzi Tabiat
  • Hosted by Leila Ben Khalifa and welcoming representative Garth Allan
  • Contestants have a new chance to sell their designs via, with total sales expected to exceed AED 500,000

Tunisian contestant Yusra Al Riflawi was sent home in the exciting sixth episode of ‘Fashion Star’ Season Two – the first program on Arabic television dedicated to discovering Arab fashion design talent. The show features Reem Acra, Lebanese international designer; Hanaa Ben Abd El Salam, Tunisian international fashion model and ambassador for Lancôme France; and Ramzi Tabiat, Creative Director of renowned retail brand Al Ostoura. The show was hosted as usual by Tunisian presenter Leila Ben Khalifa and welcomed representative Garth Allan, who will be selecting designs from the runway to be sold live on the website with total sales expected to exceed AED 500,000.

The episode aired on Wednesday 5th April on Dubai One, and kicked off with Laila Ben Khalifa announcing the sixth round of competitions and welcoming the remaining seven contestants. The first episode of the new season saw the departure of the Saudi Arabian contestant Aisha Al Battal, followed by Walid Khairy from Egypt in the second episode. The third episode saw the departure of the Tunisian contestant Ziad Ben Houria, while Nazem Orra from Lebanon left the show in the fourth episode, and Egyptian contestant Shayma Maher was sent home in the fifth.

Hollywood Stars This week, Reem Acra challenged the contestants to create four designs for a late Hollywood star, taking into account the era in which they lived while also producing garments that are suitable for public sale and appeal to the modern women. As usual, the contestants faced the judges in groups.

The first group included Adin Belhamdi from Algeria and Samar Nasr El Din from Saudi Arabia. Adin Belhamdi chose the late star Hedy Lamarr, and was praised by the judges for his use of colour and attention to detail. Reem Acra was less convinced and commented that his designs remained in the thirties and did not suit the modern woman, but nonetheless he qualified for the next episode with three stars and an AED 24,000 offer from Samar Nasr El Din opted for the Asian star Anna May Wang but did not succeed in persuading the judges, with her designs described as weak and inconsistent. She won only one star from Hanaa Ben Abd El Salam and did not receive any offers from

The second group saw Yusra Al Riflawi from Tunisia, Nadim Nemr from Lebanon and Tatyana Aceeva from Jordan facing the judges. Yusra Al Riflawi created designs for Elizabeth Taylor but was awarded only one star by Hanaa Ben Abd El Salam and did not receive an offer from Nadim Nemr chose Lucille Ball and the jury praised the detail of his designs, awarding him three stars and securing him a offer worth AED 23,400. Tatyana Aceeva presented designs for Grace Kelly but her lack of creativity earned her only one star from the judges. Despite winning an AED 14,400 offer from, she was sent to the elimination zone along with Yusra Al Riflawi.

The third and final group included Joyce Saadeh from Lebanon and Samir Kerzabi from Algeria. Joyce Saadeh created designs for Edie Sedgwick but did not deliver what the judges were looking for and secured only one star. By contrast, Samir Kerzabi’s exciting designs for Lauren Bacall won him four stars and the best offer of the episode – AED 29,700.

Elimination Zone Before Laila Ben Khalifa invited participants to the elimination zone, viewers were treated to special footage showing the contestants choosing their favourite designs. Samar Nasr El Din from Saudi Arabia won unanimously despite being in the elimination zone.

With Tatyana Aceeva, Joyce Saadeh, Yusra Al Riflawi and Samar Nasr El Din standing in the elimination zone, Reem Acra decided to eliminate the Tunisian contestant Yusra Al Riflawi and sent her home with her famous sign-off: “You are not the Fashion Star.”

The show airs in Arabic with English subtitles on Dubai One every Wednesday at 10pm UAE time (6pm GMT), and is re-broadcast on Friday at 1:30pm and Saturday at 9pm. The show will also be aired on Dubai TV every Friday at 10:30pm UAE time (6:30pm GMT).