6 Super Quick Tips and Tricks to Clean up Your Space After the Summer

Your summer vacation may have just ended but your house clean up has just begun. Summer blue’s is what we call it. Don’t worry; Don’t panic, MopExpress.ae has some tips and tricks that will surely help you tidy up your space in half of the time;

a) Divide and Rule: Yes, easy as it sounds. Involve each family member and assign tasks. Make cleaning a family activity. Let your children share responsibility and reward them to reinforce a sense of achievement. You can assign simple tasks like, rinsing the plates, putting the dirty clothes in the laundry, picking up wrappers or any paper from around the house.

  1. b) Vacuum Cleaner: Quickly check if you left the vacuum cleaner dirty before leaving for your fun-filled vacation because if you start the vacuum with a dirty dust bag inside it may cause you dust allergy and the vacuum won’t be able to pull up dust from the floor that easily. It is also better to pick up the vacuum from its handle while using it as it makes moving around much easier as compared to dragging it.
  2. c) Cleaning supplies: You just got back, you’re out of cleaning supplies and your house is dusty, Well, make your own, yes just add apple vinegar (1 part) and water (3 parts) in a spray bottle, spritz it on a dust cloth and swipe all that dust away. This organic cleaner is best for using it in the kitchen as there are no chemicals in it. You can also clean inside of the fridge with this cleaner.
  3. d) Spiderman – oops spider cobs: Well you may have to do a move or two like spider man to tackle those spider webs, if you don’t want the web to fall on the floor, wrap an old dust cloth around the mop stick and move your weapon in a clockwise motion.
  4. e) Ration: While you were away, some of the food stuff may have expired. Go through the kitchen cupboards and get rid of the expired products immediately.
  5. f) Descale: Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee after cleaning up? Descale the kettle using vinegar and water. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes. Run under water and then use a kitchen towel to get rid of the grime. Add tap water let it boil and rinse again to get rid of the vinegar smell, fill it up again and enjoy your cuppa coffee!

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