The world’s most famous hackers are coming to Dubai – are you prepared?

  • Notorious hackers Kevin Mitnick and Jamie Woodruff to headline GISEC 2019, sharing insights from their time on the dark side of cyberspace

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world has become an always-connected landscape where data is king. As we leverage cyberspace to reach across the globe, the reality is that malicious actors with nefarious intentions are leveraging the same technology to carry out criminal behaviours. As a result, organisations across the world are suffering high-profile, damaging breaches and attacks. The stakes have never been higher. Critical infrastructure is a high-value target for threat actors, and extended supply chain threats are challenging the entire ecosystem. Expert analysts predict cybercrime will cost the world in excess of $6 trillion annually by 2021.

GISEC, held from April 1-3 at Dubai World Trade Centre, aims to unravel the complex web of technology, connectivity, data that makes up the modern cyber landscape. Co-located events IoTx and Future Blockchain Summit, which form part of the Future Technology Week, will demonstrate how robust encryption and always-on connectivity will be the backbone of the modern smart city.

Across three days and six in-depth conference tracks, the events will host over 300 lectures and workshops with candid discussions on the underbelly of cyberspace as well as the positive potential of cyber-enabled, connected cities. Across the exhibition halls, over 170 brands and technologists will unveil the latest innovations designed to protect companies and build future cities.

Speakers at GISEC 2019 include some of the most famous, and in some cases, infamous, names in cybersecurity. Keynote speaker Kevin Mitnick landed himself on the FBI’s Most Wanted list after hacking more than 40 major corporations. Now a trusted security consultant to Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide, his team of white-hat hackers use their talents to expose security flaws. Jamie Woodruff, Europe’s top ethical hacker is widely known as the man who hacked Kim Kardashian. One of the world’s leading authorities on hacking and cybersecurity, Woodruff will take GISEC’s keynote stage to discuss his career as a hacker for good.

“Like it or not, your every move is being watched and analyzed. Consumer’s identities are being stolen, and a person’s every step is being tracked and stored. What once might have been dismissed as paranoia is now a hard truth, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand,” warned Mitnick.

For the first time in Dubai, GISEC’s Dark Stage will be a no holds barred open forum that will take a deep dive into the dark web. The stage will see live hacks, shocking tech-spy demonstrations and talks that will cover the most dangerous threats in cyberspace. Cybersecurity experts taking the Dark Stage include Furqan AL Hashmi, Vice President of Cyber Security, JP Morgan Chase, world renowned ethical hacker Shiba Prasad Manda, and James Hadley, CISO, Immersive Labs.

Elsewhere at GISEC, industry leaders from top cyber security brands will showcase demos, hacks and industry insights into the web’s most damaging cyber threats. For those looking to stay on top of the latest trends, GISEC will provide a wealth of information at the CPD accredited (ISC)2 workshops. Returning again this year are the by invitation only GISEC Private Briefings, bringing lectures given by industry leaders for the benefit of industry leaders.

“As the world becomes more connected, the potential for positive change is incredible, but in tandem, the potential for data breaches and cyber-attacks that could crumble communities is increasing exponentially. Organisations and governments are rightfully concerned about what may happen with their data and connected devices as they work to build the cities of the future. GISEC and IoTx take a deep dive into both sides of the equation preparing businesses and governments alike for this new era of connectivity and data,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Events & Exhibitions Management, DWTC.

As the largest confluence of industry leaders in the region, GISEC, IoTx and Future Blockchain Summit will give attendees a glimpse into both the positive and negative sides of a connected future. To learn more and register, please visit

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