World Expo Is An Exciting Opportunity For The UAE Event Industry

  • Benoit Beylier, Managing Director at GL events Middle East, talks about how the event industry is preparing for the biggest and predicted to be, the most successful of World Expo ever.

The Dubai event industry is not only growing at an incredibly fast rate but the scale of events that have been put together successfully has left the world stunned. The event industry covers all aspects from construction to hospitality to marketing and project management and all of these will be coming together for the biggest event to date in the history of Dubai, The World Expo 2020.

“With over 2000 contracts handed out and counting and an estimated 25 million visitors which equates to 150,000 visitors a day to be spread out over the six months of the Expo, we are talking about an opportunity which just cannot be missed,” says Benoit Beylier, Managing Director at GL events Middle East.

The event industry has a lot to offer, creativity, convenience and communication. An event which is live for a stretch of six months requires planning and execution at the highest level.

Beylier goes on to explain, “We have over 25 years of experience with national pavilions and developing unique pavilions, from the standard, cost effective solutions to tailor-made services drawing on the most innovative designs and I can tell you one thing, if the planning falls through…you are not going to have a finished product. I keep reinforcing to my whole team as well as my clients that we are representing a country as a whole. The elements of technology, science, history, culture, traditions all need to be visualized in the pavilion. Visitors need to feel connected and sense that they have just returned from a trip! In the past Expo’s we have been very successful in this area based on the six verbs our business is modelled on: Create-Build-Manage-Feed-Communicate-Track. We cover the event journey from conception to creation to monitoring and even identifying the successful zones of the event.”

An important component of an event of such proportions is the ability to make modifications and amendments during a live event whilst ensuring that the country is successfully represented. The demands and expectations from the event industry will be high but then, this is the World’s Biggest Expo and it is in Dubai so there is no denying the excitement is not about to abate anytime soon.

About GL events

GL events Middle East is operating as the regional branch of GL events Group, a world-class provider of integrated solutions and services for events. They have successfully participated at: Expo Seville 1992; Expo Lisbon 1998; Expo Hanover 2000; Expo Aichi 2005; Expo Zaragoza 2008; Expo Shanghai 2010; Expo Milan 2015; Expo Astana 2017.

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