World Expo boosts Isku’s exports and brings new jobs to Finland

Isku will have a strong presence at the World Expo 2020 hosted by Dubai as it has been appointed as Business Finland’s Key Partner. Finland’s pavilion at the Expo will be called Snow Cape, which Isku will furnish with its design pieces manufactured at its Lahti plant.

Participation in the Expo, beginning October 20, 2020, will boost Isku’s export sales as there will be up to 25 million visits by guests arriving from all over the world.

‘The World Expo offers an excellent opportunity to expand our international network, sell, and create new jobs in Finland,’ says Arto Tiitinen, Isku’s CEO.

In Dubai, the company will introduce pieces from its business to business and public spaces collection, including the Kivikko seating range, which was awarded a prize at the GESS Education Awards in Dubai in spring 2019. The prize was granted to Isku in recognition of its sustainable production.

‘Sustainability is one of the main themes at Dubai’s World Expo. We are a frontrunner in sustainability in our field: for example, our factory no longer requires an environmental permit because we only use water-soluble varnishes and glues. We have also minimised the amount of mixed waste generated by our production processes and production side streams are used for producing various recycled products. Our plants use Finnish wood and we know where it is harvested from,’ explains Tiitinen.

Finnish expertise attracts international interest

Isku has its own sales organisation in 16 countries and it has delivered furniture to the Middle East and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf since the 1980s. Isku has a subsidiary in Dubai that provides services across the entire Middle East.

‘At the World Expo, we will focus on learning and innovation environments because Finnish education system and learning outcomes have attracted plenty of international interest. Our partnership with Business Finland and other Finnish companies constitutes a great opportunity to boost Finnish educational exports through our expertise in learning environments,’ explains Elise Tarvainen, COO, Isku International and expert on learning environments.

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