It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle: The Rise of Showstopper is on Amazon Prime!

Are you a fan of parody movies in the style of The Naked Gun, Scary Movie and Airplane? The spoof genre is one that is rarely seen anymore in Hollywood, but thankfully for those of you that love over-the-top comedies, The Bachelor Party: Episode 2: It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle: The Rise of Showstopper has launched on Amazon Prime. This is the latest spy comedy from those zany masterminds at Hayhoe Studios, including director Tremain Hayhoe who seems to be inspired by such auteurs as Alfred Hitchcock and the Zucker brothers. He even takes a page out of Mel Gibson by directing himself in an outrageous performance.

Billed as a parody of Star Wars, Mission: Impossible and Christmas classics, the movie is as silly as the title suggests. The outrageous high-concept premise sounds straight out of an Indiana Jones film. The most famous bachelor in the galaxy attempts to recover an ancient document to save civilization from a mysterious villain from his past. Of course, the “plot” is just an excuse for goofy gags and ridiculous dialogue delivered with deadpan seriousness. You may have seen the bachelor Shawn Valentino before from various talk shows such as The Tyra Banks Show and Dr. Phil or even in his catastrophic stunt disaster on Fear Factor. Dubbed The Next Hugh Hefner by Vice Media, the self-styled International Playboy seems to feel more comfortable in the role of satire of his mentor, but he does have a fascinating if not likable screen presence.

Rounding out the cast of male headliners is Rich Twilling and William Pierce. Twilling is obviously inspired by haunting hosts from pop culture past such as Rod Serling and Robert Stack. Pierce delivers a performance of surprising depth as an antihero that turns Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey myth on its collective ear.

Speaking of 007 tropes, this movie is also filmed in some of the most stunning locations on the planet from the Great Pyramids in Egpyt to Machu Picchu in Peru. Most magnificent of all, however, is a majestic sunset spectacular at the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. Isn’t it ironic that Hollywood movies that have hundreds of million dollars of the budget at their disposal cheat the audience on the green screen while these maverick filmmakers take us across the wonders of the world.

This outrageous movie is one impossible mission you should decide to accept if you want to escape quarantine into a wacky world of fun and fantasy. The Bachelor Party: Episode 2: It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle – The Rise of Showstopper is now available on Amazon Prime in the USA and the UK and worldwide soon!



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