Wedding dance: Recommendations for dance production and why you should not create it on your own


Wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in your life, so you want everything to be perfect on this day. If you are not looking for help from the wedding planner and want to do everything by your own, then you need to think about many little things to make your celebration unforgettable. But what to do with the wedding dance? You or your future husband do not know how to dance or do not feel the rhythm? Most likely, you do not need to do it yourself – ask for help from an experienced choreographer.

A professional will teach you to move, choose a set of beautiful movements and you can rehearse it at home. There are movements and music is selected – are you ready to dance your first dance as husband and wife, so that the guests rejoice at your love and feel your incredible energy of happiness? But that’s not all! The choreographer may advise you to take into account other important aspects for the wedding dance to make this moment beautiful and pleasant for you and your guests.

  1. Music

You chose music and rehearsed the movement. Do this a few more times at home so that you could move freely and relaxed on the stage. Dance will be your first conscientious moment as a husband and wife, so 3, 4 or 5 repetitions will not be superfluous for you. Give your choreographer 5 songs to choose from. This may be classical music or the interpretation of contemporary songs. Maybe you have your special song that you want to choose to dance? Tell your teacher about your desires and preferences for everything to be perfect.

  1. Bride dress

Is your bridesmaid dress comfortable to dance to? Rehearse in it and take the shoes that you have chosen for the wedding. Here it is very important whether you have a plume, which fabric and dress length are, whether the heel is high on your shoes. Your groom should not see your dress, so choose something similar from your wardrobe: a long evening dress or a long summer sundress. Many brides add artificial flounces under the dress to add pomp. If your wedding dress is lush, then it is important that the groom does not step on its edges.

  1. Idyll between the pair

Here we are talking about the appearance of the newlyweds, their height and body type. The choreographer makes a dance statement considering these moments. A tall groom and a low bride can choose movements with lifts and spins on the arms. If the newlyweds of the same height, it is better to focus on the slopes and more graceful movements. If the groom has a thin body, then it is better to avoid raising the bride and add a few special elements where he will look more manly and strong. If the bride has lush forms, it is better to choose a smoother and graceful movement.

  1. The location of the guests

During the dance, you should also think about your guests so as not to dance with your back to the hall. It may be better to show your choreographer the plan of the restaurant and the place where the stage would be located, in order to choose the perfect movements and stay sideways to the guests. Also think about where the tables stand so that your waltz will not be buried in the table with the guests. Many restaurants allow you to rearrange the tables; maybe it will be useful for you. Also here you need to find definitely a place for the work of the photographer and videographer.

  1. Hall size

The size of the room is very important when setting movements. If you have enough space for a waltz or you need to choose simple movements with spins in a small circle. Tell your choreographer about the size of your hall.

  1. Preparation time

How much time do you have before the wedding and how much can you do rehearsals? If you have 2-3 days, then choose a simple dance with simple movements. If you have about a week, then you can add some unusual movements and elements. Think about the fact that you have a lot of other work to prepare for this incredible event but do not forget about the rehearsal.

  1. Trial video

Many choreographers will advise you to make a video of your rehearsal and look at your dance from the side. How do you move, how do you look at each other, the position of your arms and the movement of your legs, are you happy enough and not tense? All this is very important in order to convey to the guests your happiness and not to have embarrassing faces thinking about each next movement.

Would you be able to create a stunning magic dance with all these aspects? Professionals will help you and give more tips. Preparing for a wedding has a lot of care, so choose a choreographer for your first married dance. You can free up more time for other important things that also need to be done before the wedding. Staging and rehearsing will allow you to simply repeat the movements you have learned and look great on stage. Videos and impressions of your first dance will be with you forever, so make this moment bright and exciting.

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