Why wait? Go to the new Zurich FutureReady website and future-proof your business.

Zurich International Life Ltd. (Zurich) has launched a new portal as part of its Zurich FutureReady programme.

Created specifically with UAE financial professionals in mind, the website is designed to be a one-stop-shop for advisers and business owners who want resources and tools to help them future-proof their business ahead of upcoming regulatory changes.

By collaborating with its businesses in Ireland, Australia and North America, Zurich has created a website which will be updated on a weekly basis with videos, toolkits, and blogs to provide advisers with the key building blocks for a successful advice-driven business. Advisers can gain insights from their peers, industry professionals such as BlackRock and Fidelity, and even a Futurist, all on one site.

The Zurich FutureReady website is also a place for advisers to learn from each other, with an ‘Experience’ section dedicated to the everyday lives of financial professionals in the UAE. In 2017, Zurich launched the Bursary as part of its commitment to supporting ongoing professional development and sponsored three advisers to complete their CII qualifications. Hear about their journey as they transform themselves ahead of the new regulations, and discover how a Million Dollar Round Table member has benefited from a customer-focussed approach to advice and service in the Diary of an Adviser section.

Colum O’Brien, Head of Retail, Zurich International Life Ltd., stated: “Zurich FutureReady is the place to go for advisers in the UAE who want to transform themselves, and their business models, in advance of the upcoming regulations. One of our key learnings globally is that the early adopters of change emerge as the winners when business models are forced to evolve as a result of regulation and changing customer expectations.”

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