Visit the 2018 Taiching World Flora Expo

2018 Taichung Flora Expo Hulutun, the 5th zone of the fundamental exhibition area at Fengyuan is going to be completed. The core of the exhibition is ‘Origin of amusement garden’ which combines the local water scenery and landscape artworks to aim for the family groups. It’s built as a fantastic place like a Land palette and will operate in September 2018.

The officer of Water Resources Bureau, Taichung City Government, said, each artwork in the 5th zone is applying the local environment as the elements of it. All the elements were transformed by personalization to picture out the different faces of the natural ecology. Its not just a temporary garden built for Flora Expo or the backyard of local people but it’s a space of art to allow people and the wild lives to live together. Through the landscape artworks of Land palette and botanical scenery, the children will be taught by and experience the power of the Hulutun river and the lives nurtured by the land so they can learn how to live in harmony with nature.

The officer of Water Resources Bureau commented, “There are 4 landscape artworks in the 5th exhibition area. Those artworks are created to reflect the different faces of the natural lives. One of the them is the landscape on water named as “Floating flowers echo to the moon” which is representing the “water born” to echo to the exhibition concept of “all lives relying on the water for living”. The “Waves dancing with the shadows”, which is designed to deliver the messages of the power of lives on “island” and the possibilities to accept the things from any other source, is a platform for sightseeing on the island in the center of the lake.

The Dancing butterflies covered surface of the bridge looks like the butterflies under Transformation and shining with the glory in a dynamic way. And Threading among the enriched pistils is designed for the family groups to echo to the theme of 5th zone and becomes the key focus of the landscape artwork area. Its arranged with the colorful weaved nets to simulate the petals of the flowers so children can play and climb around in that area. When the people look up from the center of the artwork, they will see a few pistil-like swinging balls driven by wind which can highly enrich the features of the Flora Expo.

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