‘The Victorious’ Episode 7 sees Yaqoubi from Morocco and Saad from Libya sent home

  • With Captain Khaled Al Shenaif, Captain Mohamed Zidan, Michel Salgado and Guest of Honor Paul Scholes

‘The Victorious’ Episode Seven sent home Yaqoubi from Morocco and Saad from Libya, who waved goodbye to their dreams of earning ‘The Victorious’ title, playing with renowned Spanish clubs, and winning the USD 100,000 cash prize.

Former basketball player Nathalie Mamo and renowned star Sherif Fayed – the hosts of the show – stepped into the spotlight to kick off the sensational ‘Accuracy and Shooting’ episode, with Mamo explaining the accuracy and power required for the first challenge. The blue and yellow teams then competed in four rounds, which ended with a final score of 1-1 and the judges praising the performance of Qassim from Lebanon and Manaf from Saudi Arabia.

Manaf was named captain of the yellow team while Hidamo became the captain of the blue team, with both contestants earning the titles for their leadership skills, confidence and strong personalities.

Six players entered the elimination zone, including Mini, Arafaat and Yaqoubi from the yellow team and Zarook, Saad and Shams from the blue team. They faced a tough challenge, chasing players from the opposing team to take the flag, reach the base and score goals. Arafaat proved to be the best player and won a signed T-shirt from Guest of Honour Paul Scholes.

A critical moment came when the players had to vote to save their team members from the elimination zone. The blue team saved Shams and the yellow team voted for their former captain Mini, while the fate of the remaining players remained in the hands of the judges.

Concentration was the highlight of the third challenge, which saw the players attempting to shoot and score with footballs that were flying towards them at speed. Making it an even more demanding test of skill, the footballs were not allowed to touch the ground. Following fierce competition, the yellow team emerged victorious with a 3-1 score.

Dubai Sports City grounds hosts the headline football matches of Season 3, with ‘The Victorious’ team defeating Al Nasr Club with a 4-1 score this week. Despite the rain, the team played exceptional offense and defense during the first half of the match, with Paul Scholes announcing Mini as ‘Man of the Match’.

The fourth challenge saw competition between the players in the elimination zone, with 2 by 2 face-offs in three minute rounds focusing on defense, scoring and passing skills. The blue team added one point to its score, but the yellow team won the challenge for the second time running with a 3-2 result. Paul Scholes offered his advice to the players, explaining that if they want to succeed and become international stars, they will need to dedicate their lives to football.

At the end of the episode, the judges saved Arafaat from Egypt but sent unlucky Yaqoubi home. Nathalie Mamo then announced that Saad from Libya would also be leaving the show, while Zarook from Algeria would remain to fight for another episode.

 Daily insights into ‘The Victorious’ contestants are aired on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 19:00 UAE time. The weekly challenge episode airs every Monday at 10:30pm UAE time and 6:30pm GMT on Dubai TV and Dubai Sports channels, followed by a re-run on Dubai TV on Friday at 11:30pm and Monday at 05:00am.

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