Why Use Promotional Products for Branding

Marketing is an essential component for any business, but it is particularly important for new and small companies. If you have recently entered the market, it is likely customers are unfamiliar with your company, so you must find ways to reach out to them. While there are several ways to do this, a budget can often be a limitation for start-ups, so you have to be strategic about your expenses to maximize your returns.

Up until today, promotional products continue to be a widely used marketing strategy. Even large and established companies go back to this method to promote their name and increase their sales. You may be wondering–what makes this strategy a favorite, or why should you use it for your business? This article helps you understand how promotional products can be beneficial for your company. Here are the key reasons to use them for advertising.

Targeted Reach

When doing any form of marketing, it is important to know your target audience and ensure that your efforts will reach them. Promotional products allow you to do this since you can control the distribution and target your reach to customers who are part of your market. By having a more targeted space, you can increase your chances of getting higher returns on your investment.

Build Brand Recognition

Giving promotional products to customers can instantly boost brand recognition since they will remember your company whenever they see the item. Traditional ads can easily be forgotten unless they leave a huge impact, but your name becomes more memorable with a tangible product. Though online marketing appears to be the norm today, the recall rate for a promotional product remains high at 85%. Thus, this strategy is still considered to have one of the largest impacts on brand awareness.

Increase Exposure

Radio ads, billboards, and TV commercials can easily be forgotten since people will only see them for a few seconds. However, with a physical promotional item, you can get more business exposure when your recipients use the gift, and other people see it. For example, if someone casually sips from a coffee mug with your company name and logo, people will likely see it and learn about your business.

Low Cost

Startups tend to have limited advertising budgets, with which it can be a challenge to reach as many customers as possible. Fortunately, promotional gifts are very affordable since manufacturers tend to maintain low prices for mass distribution. Essentially, you need not spend a significant amount on the promotional items, but the strategy is extremely effective. Even with the simplest giveaway, you can leave a lasting impact on your customers.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Promotional products are not just used to attract new customers but also retain current customers to boost their loyalty. As you build your business further, you will have to make sure that your growing customer base remains loyal. With that said, the quality of your promotional items will reflect customers’ perception of your brand. Giving high-quality products will allow them to associate your business with the same idea, which can help maintain their interest.

Without a doubt, promotional items continue to be a well-used tactic today as they help draw attention to your brand and business. These products can build recognition and help you expand your reach to more customers. With that said, make sure you plan your giveaways thoroughly to send the right advertising message.


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