Ultra-Entertaining & Challenging Maze Game app Extnt to be Released Soon

Maze games are extremely popular for those who value mental challenges and fun ways to pass the time.  A simplistic but complex new maze app game is on the way in Extnt, set to disrupt the current status quo in the niche and redefine the genre.

What makes a better maze game is an interesting question for a game development team to face, especially when knowing that maze game players tend to be both passionate and loyal to the games that win them over.  In exciting news, Udeonx recently announced that they have been working hard on a next-generation maze app game Extnt and they are very close to bringing the game to market.  A release date is predicted within the next few months, with the team not settling for a glitch-filled version rushed into player’s hands.  The enthusiasm surrounding Extnt is high, with all signs pointing toward Extnt being a powerful drive in taking the art and science of the maze game app to 2019 and way beyond.

“We have taken the responsibility of creating an amazing maze app game very seriously,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We are delivering sophisticated complexity in Extnt, where players have the opportunity to be the best, beat the best.”

Extnt has varying maze challenges, and while being minimalist in its visual approach, the gameplay and ambiance is anything but minimal.  Addictive challenges are complemented by an engaging soundtrack that makes it quite difficult to put Extnt down once playing, and those lucky enough to explore the beta and development versions of Extnt have been quick to praise it to their peers and fellow gamers.

Some other highlights of Extnt include its advanced user controls; the game’s sophisticated procedural maze generation; and its hosting of a differentiated level-based ranking system, giving players clear goals to set, as they strive to reach the top of Extnt players worldwide.

In a few short months, Extnt will be here and maze game apps may never be the same.

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