UK-Based Regent Street Clinic Expands to Open Private Medical Clinic in United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE – Regent Street Clinic, a UK-based private medical clinic chain offering primary care services (GP, vaccinations, facial aesthetics, functional and wellbeing medicine, health screenings, and occupational health) is proud to announce the opening of its first office in the United Arab Emirates. Regent Street Clinic was one of the first chains of private medical clinics of its kind in the UK, and this expansion outside of the UK marks a pivotal new chapter in the clinic’s history.

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Regent Street Clinics had ten branches across the UK, all offering a comprehensive suite of same day medical services. This chain of wellbeing clinics pride themselves on their friendly, professional, and nonjudgemental atmosphere, fundamentally believing that their energy and determination to make a contribution to people’s lives will be tangible and effective.

Regent Street Clinic is now operating as a private clinic in Dubai, expanding access to quality care and the Regent Street philosophy and patient-centred, holistic style to people of the United Arab Emirates. “After 10 years and multiple well-received clinics in the UK, we have brought our A-team to Dubai with a specific purpose,” says Dr. Bobby Ahmed, CEO and Legal Medical Doctor at Regent Street Clinic. “We are proud to bring our unique range of wellbeing services to Dubai, building on the special friendship that has always existed between the UK and UAE. Importantly we know that this part of the world has an acute need for our Nutrigenomic and DNA wellbeing services aimed at reducing the burden of chronic ill-health and diseases such as diabetes and the whole spectrum of metabolic disorders as well as hormonal and auto-immune conditions.”

Regent Street Clinic serves communities within the UK and beyond through its subsidiaries, including TravelDoc, Regent Street Aesthetics, Regent Street Radiology, and GYM Doctor. To learn more about Regent Street Clinic and make an appointment today, please click here.

About Regent Street Clinic

Regent Street Clinic is a chain of private medical clinics that offer a same day service with the company philosophy embedded around the basic tenets of Good Medical Practice as Championed by the UK General Medical Council – ttreating patients with dignity and respect, being honest, transparent, and showing candour, building trust, demonstrating integrity, and being ethically robust. Regent Street Clinic is now an international brand which encourages people to ‘’Be The Best You. For You’’. Media Contact Company Owner: Dr. Bobby Ahmed Contact Person: Dr. Bobby Ahmed Email Phone: 00971585137448(UAE), 00447890686963(UK) Country: United Arab Emirates Website:

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