Udrive Launches a Host of Exciting New Initiatives

  • The dedicated pay-per-minute car rental service has announced the launch of its Intercity service, the addition of Premium Cars to its growing fleet, and the launch of Udrive in Ajman.

Udrive, the app-based pay-per-minute car rental service, has taken another major step forward in bringing cheap, convenient and efficient short-term driving solutions to the masses, with the introduction of three ground-breaking new developments: Udrive Intercity, Udrive Premium Cars and Udrive in Ajman. The exciting news is yet another sign of the massive strides the innovative car rental company has made since it was founded just two years ago.

Udrive Intercity

Udrive’s Intercity service allows users to drive to and from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. An Intercity service fee of just AED 75 will be charged in addition to the normal trip charges, enabling customers to drive, for example, from Sharjah / Ajman to Abu Dhabi or vice versa, and end the trip there. Not only does Intercity afford customer’s the comfort of flexibility, it also offers Udrivers the cheapest way to travel between those Emirates, outside of the hassle of taking a bus. While Dubai is not yet included due to rules and regulations, customers can be assured that Udrive is in ongoing communication with authorities to have this option added as soon as possible.

Fixed Intercity service fees:

  • Sharjah / Ajman to Abu Dhabi                                                                        75 AED
  • Abu Dhabi to Sharjah / Ajman                                                                        75 AED

Udrive Premium Cars

Udrive has added a variety of brand-new premium cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Ford Mustang, to the fleet. Customers can enjoy these iconic luxury cars at a price of just 70 Fils per Minute or AED 279 per day, including fuel, parking, insurance, and a 200 km allowance per day.

Udrive in Ajman

Drivers can now avail of Udrive’s outstanding services in Ajman. Drive from anywhere to everywhere, starting at just 60 Fils per minute and 144 AED per day, including fuel, parking and insurance! Customers can also enjoy driving between Sharjah and Ajman at no additional charge.

The smartphone app-based service, which offers affordable rental car services across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi can be booked and reserved via the dedicated Udrive app. Available 24/7, nearby vehicles can be located and reserved via the live map on the Udrive app or website. Once registered, customers can unlock cars through their smartphones. Keyless access, the ability to park for free across key areas of the city, where permitted, and free petrol enable drivers to go anywhere, at any time.

Commenting on the latest encouraging developments for the company, CEO and Founder of Udrive, Hasib Khan stated, “We are delighted to be expanding Udrive’s services to cater to the needs of our ever-growing customer base here in the UAE. Our unprecedented growth and success over the past two years is an immense source of pride for the entire Udrive team. By ensuring that our cars are widely available at an increasing number of hotspot locations across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi, we are providing drivers with accessible, affordable car rental and convenience-on-demand.”

To start using the service, you just need to download the app and register, or follow the registration instructions on the Udrive website. All you need is an Emirates ID, Driving License and Debit/Credit card. If you don’t have your own card, you can contact the Udrive team for alternative cash payment methods. Tourists will also be able to avail of the service by using their passports instead of Emirates IDs. They must also have a valid International Driving License recognised by the UAE government, which must be at least 1 year old.

To join Udrive for free, please visit http://www.Udrive.ae/register.php, or for more information, please check out http://www.Udrive.ae/faq.php.

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