AM – UAE Polo Team Advances to the Semifinals of the Standard Chartered Gold Cup 2020

The first game of the Dubai Open 2020 quarterfinals was a match between Habtoor Polo and AM – UAE Polo teams with the first goal from Facundo Sola.

Habtoor Polo had the lead at the first two chukkers. The third chukker, AM – UAE Polo quickly grabbed the lead with consecutive goals from Santiago Cernadas and a great steal from Martin Podesta by from Ignacio Acuña that resulted to another goal. The penultimate chukker opened with a two-goal advantage for AM – UAE Polo and additional goal from a penalty shot by Santi. Facu closed in on AM – UAE with two goals closing the chukker at 6 goals to 5.

The determining chukker saw AM – UAE Polo defend its lead and a window of opportunity for Habtoor Polo to set a tied match but was missed. The last minute and half was enough to allow Santi score two penalty goals for the team and the game ended with a final score of 8 goals to 5 in favour of AM – UAE Polo.

Match Progression: 0 – 1 | 1 – 2 | 5 – 3 | 6 – 5 | 8 – 5
Top scorer: Santiago Cernadas, AM – UAE Polo, 7 goals

The next match of the  Standard Chartered Gold Cup 2020 Quarterfinals is on 29th February, Saturday. Abu Dhabi Polo will face Zedan Polo team at 16:00 on Field 3 of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. Catch the action live or watch it online on Pololine TV’s livestream

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